The Battle of Castobel

1. Extraction from Tantalus

Pyroclast gamma 9

Watch Captain Brand stands on the viewing deck of Watch Station Silion, looking down on Castobel, as the hiveworld beneath him writhes under the tyranid assault. He beckons you closer, and then starts to speak.
" Magos Biologis Vyakai has remained on the primary Castobel sattelite, Tantalus, to conduct a research mission on Hive Fleet Dagon, on behalf of the Deathwatch. A splinter of the forces invading Castobel has diverted course from the ongoing assault on the Hiveworld. Magos Vyakai has requested emergency extration from the planet, and you are being dispatched to deal with the situation.
The Magos shuttle has been shot down over a mining refinery complex, designated as Pyroclast-Gamma-9, in the northern hemisphere of Tantalus and his emergency transponder is still sending a distress signal, which should be a sign that he is still alive, however there is a problem with fixing his position on the planet, so something is wrong with the situation.
There is less than 20 hours, from mission insertion, until the tyranid forces will make landfall and destroy the facilities on Tantalus. Tantalus has already been declared lost to the Imperium, and the majority of the Adeptus personnel has been evacuated.
Magos Vyakai is currently carrying a datacore that contains important information regarding the genetic composition of Hive Fleet Dagon, and the Deathwatch considers it paramount to the sector’s survival, that the datacore is retrieved.
The Magos is also considered a precious asset, and his extraction from the planet is recommended by your commander.
Lastly this is your first taste of battle in the Deathwatch against the Tyranid hordes and defeating a tyranid of the warrior genus, will be a suitable advesary for you at this time.
The frigate “Thunder’s Wrath” will carry you to Tantalus, so be quick in preparing as the crew of the ship has already briefed. I expect much from you, as you excelled on Vespasia in defeating the ork threat."
With these words the Watch Captain, dismisses you, and you leave the observation deck, proceeding towards the docking area of the Watch Station.

Requisition available: 30 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Retrieve the Magos’s Datacore, and return it to Watch Station Silion.
Secondary objective:
– Rescue Magos Vyakai if possible, as the loss of his person will be a severe blow to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Tertiary objectives:
– Defeat a Tyranid Warrior in close combat.
– Rescue Commissar Sander and extract him and the remains of his platoon. (hidden objective)

Mission Debrief:



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