The Battle of Castobel

Ulthor's Ravagers

Dispatching the Tyranid that had been gestating on board the Mahzoos Yawm, proved a small obstacle, but the sudden interest shown by the Powers of Chaos, has taken you by surprise. The foul heretics have apparently bypassed the security of the Watch Station, and looted what could be taken.

They did, however leave a clue to their whereabouts, and you have chosen to follow up on the position of these raiders. The now deceased traitor gave you a coordinate in the vicinity of Octavian, and the small asteroid housing the Corsair fleet of Ulthor, is now your primary target.

The corsairs are apparently a Chaos Warband, that goes by the name of Ulthor’s Ravagers.
Their actions have reached you long before this incident, as several of your brothers have been investigating ships dissapearing without warning, through otherwise “safe and stable” warp routes.

The Ravagers are attempting to summon a Daemon Prince, banished in a long forgotten time several millenia ago. If they succeed, the stalemate currently in effect in the Cellebos Warzone will end with the Powers of Chaos sweeping across the entire sector. This will also put Ulthor in a position of power in the Stigmartus , should he combine his forces with the daemon worshippers of the Hadex Anomaly.

The vault and armory of Megaera were apparently not breached, and they are opening up to the codes given to you by the Watch Captain.

Requisition available: 140 per space marine. (Consult GM for details on item availability)

Primary objective:
– Prevent the Ravagers from completing their ritual to summon a Daemon Prince of immense power.
Secondary objective:
– Kill Ulthor the Rampant.
– Destroy Ulthor’s Ravagers.
– Retrieve the technology stolen from Watch Station Megaera.
Tertiary objectives:
– Obtain information on how the Ravagers bypassed the security on the Watch Station.

Player Hand Outs 13

Mission Debrief:



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