The Battle of Castobel

14. Eagle of Vengeance

Arriving at the space hulk

Troubling news has reached the Watch Fortress. A Space Hulk has just appeared from the Warp, and it is on a collision course with Castobel. The Entire Watch is deeply commited to this cause, and the Watch Commander has called for a grand meeting in the audience chamber of the fortress. Even from your fortified and isolated position, you have heard of the Ecclessiarchy’s claims of a deliverance from Hive Fleet Dagon, and that the Hulk is a sign of the Emperor’s Grace. As all of yóu enter the main chamber of Erioch, you are taken aback with the amount of Battle-Brothers present at once. A full company of Astartes, the sum of all serving in the Deathwatch in the Reach. Many of these are spoken of with great reverence, and are heroes of countless battles against the foes of Mankind. At the center of the chamber stands Watch Commander Mordigael, in full regalia, a sight that is not often seen.

“Brothers,” Mordigael starts the grand meeting, “I have recieved news that concern the entire sector. A Space Hulk has been identified by the Adeptus Telepathicus near the Castobel System. This has been further identified as an old Emperor-Class Battle Ship. We are currently unaware of the status of the ship and if there is a Xenos presence aboard the vessel.” Mordigael is wandering the circle that has been made around him. “The Ministorum will tell you that this vessel is the salvation of Castobel, though I am yet to be convinced. I will send two teams of veterans that will purge any presence of the unclean Xenos, clad in the finest of wargear from the armories of the Watch Fortress. I believe the recovery of this ancient battle ship may grant us many boons, and, Emperor willing, we will again prevail in our Vigil.” He dismisses the grand meeting, and it is clear that many of these veterans standing beside you are old aquaintances. In between the friendly jests and loud laughter there is a note of discord. All gathered here today know that this is to be a deciding factor in the fate of the Orpheus Salient, and the actions of these teams are extremely dangerous, but a chance at the glory gained from such a quest will be enormous.

From amongst the crowd gathered in the great chamber, you see Watch Captain Brand beckoning you closer. He’s wearing a marked smile on his face that shines as a contrast to his otherwise marked appearance. “Brothers, it is a glorious day, for I have been chosen to lead the expedition to the space ship. You will join me as my secondary squad, so rejoice for I believe this is a day of fierce retribution upon the enemies of Man. When you have made the rounds you will join me in the briefing room, where I will give you the mission paramet…” Brand is suddenly knocked off of his feet by a giant Space Wolf, evident by the large fangs protruding from his pursed lips. “Thought I’d never see you again, Ricken!” You realize that your presence is no longer needed and retire to your cells for a prayer and then leave for the briefing.

As you enter the observatory deck of the Fortress, you see the Watch Captain standing alone before the holodesk. He is wearing a big and disarming smile. Clearly his spirit has been lifted by the appearance of several battle brothers of old. “Welcome once again to the Observatorium. We must be of haste as this mission is of great importance to the Deathwatch and the efforts of the Crusade.” His usual determined face comes to the fore again, as he starts his briefing. “The Space Hulk is on a catastrophic course with Castobel, and will strike in less than two weeks from now. Considering that the Empyrean can be fickle, we are being dispatched in two separate vessels. The kill-team I am taking charge of will be aboard the Reckoning, and you will be boarding the Mahzoos Yawm. The voyage should take no more than five days, but upon your arrival you will board the Hulk immediately, so we have a beachhead aboard the Hulk. We have all been assigned Tactical Dreadnought Armour for this mission and the extra protection added by this will probably be much needed.” He shuffles through a few holos until until he comes upon one showing the trade routes in the Orpheus Salient. “This is deep inside the tendrils of Hive Fleet Dagon and I suspect that the Hulk is an attempt at reestablishing a bridgehead upon Castobel. All of our previous efforts will be for naught if we do not stop the Hulk from crashing with Castobel.” He once again flips through a couple of holos and finally stops at a painting depicting Brother Richter slaying the Hive Tyrant. “The Mechanicum has also shown interest in the Hulk and has requested our preservation of the space craft. What sparing information they have divulged, gives us the impression that the Hulk may actually be an old Astartes battle barge, and whatever information we may obtain will be invaluable to ourselves and the Mechanicum.” With those words he turns off the holodesk and looks at you with fierce determination. “This is your chance to immortalize yourself in the service of the Deathwatch. Nothing has been spared in our mission and we will not falter when the gaze of the Emperor is upon us.”

Requisition available: 160 per space marine.

Primary objectives:
– Board the Space Hulk.
– Change the Space Hulk’s current course.
Secondary objective:
– Remove any xeno presence encountered.
Tertiary objectives:
– Obtain the log of the ship.

Player Hand Outs 14

Mission Debrief:



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