The Battle of Castobel

15. Far From the Emperor's Light

Hive Taurinum

“The situation report from Argoth is a complete disaster. The Dark Hand’s hold on the planet is worse than could be thought possible. As a result of this, we will take drastic measures to ensure the reemergence of Argoth to the prominence of the Sector.” The old Blood Angel Commander takes a few seconds to let the idea sink in, and then continues. “You have been handpicked to an insertion on Argoth. Your mission there will be considered outright heresy by almost everyone in power in the sector. You will be my Guerilla force on the planet. As the Emperor’s servants you will purge the wickedness that has risen in Hive Taurinum, and you will be His Angels of Death.” After giving his speech to you, he then makes a dismissal with his hand. “Your Watch Captain will give you the exact mission details.” With these words you leave Mordigael in his sanctum and report to Watch Captain Brand.
As you expected, the captain has summoned you to one of the many observatoriums. He is evidently shaken by the current state of affairs. “You have done a great service to the Imperium with all your actions in the Orpheus Salient, and your recent insertion on Castobel.” He’s gathering himself but the words are hard to find. “I know that the Watch Commander has briefed you, but you will need greater detail. The insertion will be aboard the Mahzoos Yawm and the Captain of the ship will be at your disposal for a 5-day period, after which he will return to Erioch to give an update on your preliminary findings. There will be no extraction plans made up and there is no contingency plans in effect at this time. You will for all intents and purposes be alone on this most ardous of tasks.” The captain punches a rune on the data slate in front of him and the picture in the holofield changes to the devastated landscape that is Taurinum. “There were at your most reccent visit on Argoth, evidence suggesting that the PDF and the Mortressans have been subverted by the Powers of Chaos and this will not be tolerated by any loyal astartes. Therefore the Commander has decreed that they must be purged of any rebellious sentiment, and these targets are believed to be placed high up in the chain of command of the respective PDF and Guard regiment on Argoth. Suffer not the heresy to take hold on the Emperor’s worlds.” Again the Captain touches the data slate and the holo changes to a familiar face. “Although the Deathwatch and the Ecclessiarchy have run foul of one another in the past, the Commander recognizes this Andrus Trente as an ally to our cause. Obtain his support to further our agenda in the Reach, and gain access to his network of loyalists. This should prove critical in establishing a bridgehead on the planet and will garner support from the masses on the planet. He will most likely be able to keep you concealed for a longer period of time than a Kill-team themselves can provide. If you should discover any leads to this xeno infiltration and subversion of the planet, you are of course tasked with the elimination of these.” Brand looks each of you in the eyes as he says. “Go now with the Emperor’s Grace, and let his beacon once again shine on Argoth. You are His chosen warriors and the heirs of the Imperium. Strike hard and fast and let nothing deter you from the righteous path which you thread. It is not without a heavy heart that I am sending you into the lions maw, but I have faith in you and your prowess. Prove to them that nothing can hinder a warrior of the Emperor, and hold true to your course. This dark hour that threatens to leave the loyal citizens of the Imperium in the clutches of the enemy will be defeated.” With these words you steel yourself for the task at hand and walk of to the munitorum for the needed supplies and the tactical assesment of the operation.

Requisition available: 240 per space marine.

Primary objective:
– Reinstate true Imperial governance on Argoth.
– Break the blockade around the planet Argoth without alerting Imperial authorities of your presence.
– Secure a Base of Operations for sustained activities.
– Remain unidentified for as long as possible.
Secondary objectives:
– Eliminate the Governor and find a suitable replacement in the Administratum or any other Imperial organization on the planet.
– If unable to perfom the objective above, send a request through secure channels to the Deathwatch.
– Eliminate the leadership of the Mortressan Highlanders and the PDF forces on Argoth.
– Obtain contact with loyalists on Argoth.
– Purge any heresy and spiritual corruption encountered on Argoth
Tertiary objectives:
– Purge any Xeno presence in Hive Taurinum.

Player Hand Outs 15

Mission Debrief:


fleet XMO encryption enabled
885.134.M42, 05:57:09 GSET
From Alp Arslan Horchin, Battle Brother, Deathwatch Kill-Team Sigismund, location: Taurinum Middle Hive, Argoth
To: Horchin Berke Khan, Captain Mangudai Beg Horchin, Stormseer Toqta Jad Horchin
Cc: Brother sergeant Sigismund, Brother sergeant Gabriel Nefarian, Battle brother Tse’zan, Battle brother Nero, Brother Chaplain Titus Strome
Marked urgent
Subject: Mission debrief, Argoth operation, Taurinum Hive, Phase 1

Praise the Emperor!

To my most honorable lord and master Berke Khan, leader of the mighty Horchin Brotherhood of the White Scars, servant of our great lord Jubal Khan, the lord of the united tents of Chogoris, son of our revered father Jaghatai Khan, son of the immortal Emperor of Mankind

Included in my report are my honorable brothers, sergeant Sigismund of the indomitable Space Wolves, sergeant Gabriel Nefarian of the unbreakable Dark Angels, brother Tse’zan of the virtuous Salamanders, and brother Nero of the cunning Raven Guard.

I bring tidings of our on-going venture onto the forbidden world of Argoth,

Oh, how I miss the endless plains of home as I experience this barren and dreadful world. How can these people live like this?

Our mission to uncover the heresy here have so far been successful – we have discovered a strong presence of the taint!

On how this came to pass, I shall now explain, so bear with me
After the unsettling experience on All Saints Square, and the encounter with the rouge PDF in the palace, our kill-team have deducted that the roots of the heresy must be found in the military and governmental institutions of this world.

As we deliberated on how best to proceed to uncover this heresy, we received word from Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente – the leader of a stalwart militia of loyalists in opposition to the suspect governor Ralien. When asked how best to lure out our prey, Ecclessiarch Trente advised us that there was an easy way to incite the enemy to action – by striking the main reactor powering the central command of the local elements of the Mortressan Higlanders Regiment.

Brother sergeant Sigismund thusly devised a plan wherein his (our) kill-team would strike and disable or destroy the main reactor.
Meanwhile brother sergeant Gabriel Nefarian and his team would occupy a local live-image station and transmit a message inciting the righteous and loyal to revolt against the suspected heretics.

We stealthily struck the reactor like Chogorisian falcons and we fought our way through a thousand rouge mechanical abominations. Upon our arrival in the main reactor room we discovered a clear indicator of the taint – the mainframe control was possessed by the forces of darkness. It was purified with sacred flame and the reactor was disabled.

Just prior to our disabling of the reactor, brother sergeant Gabriel Nefarian and his team transmitted the following message to the population of Argoth:

Citizens of Argoth!
Citizens of Argoth!
The Emperor of Mankind calls for your attention!
We are the angels of our Emperor’s mercy. We are the scourge of his wrath. We have come to you, to bring you a message!
You people endure the hardship of a prolonged quarantine. But do you know the reason why?
Your current leaders are keeping the truth from you.
While you toil in abject misery and destitution, these so-called leaders work in secret with alien powers to overthrow the rule of Man.

We know that we have come for them.
Citizens of Argoth, rise up with us. Arm yourselves and help us banish the traitors to the fiery pits of oblivion.
Only then will you be redeemed. Only then can you be saved.
Those who stands with the traitors will be annihilated. This we guarantee.
All who seeks to aid us in our mission will be rewarded.
Help the Emperor. Help yourselves. Free Argoth! And destroy the traitors!
Rise up, citizens! Rise up!

The message worked as intended, and the loyalist have risen against the traitors.

I expect my next report will be a conclusion to the heresy here, and the death of the traitors. Hail the Emperor! Hail our father Jaghatai Khan! Hail Chogoris!

+++primary encryption enabled+++

15. Far From the Emperor's Light

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