The Battle of Castobel

15a. The Assassination of Captain Renton

Festival of the Black Ship

Festival of the Black Ship

Shortly after your arrival on Argoth comes the time for a reckoning with one of the master minds of the peculiar situation on the quarantined planet. Argoth is having the centennial celebration of the Festival of the Black Ship. The main speaker at the celebration on All Saints Square is going to be Captain Renton of the 14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment. Captain Renton is known for his staunch opposition to any uprising on Argoth and has been personally responsible for a famine riot ending in the deaths of more than 2.4 million inhabitants from the Taurinum Middle Hive, as well as unrecorded numbers from the Lower and Underhive of Hive Taurinum. His use of biological weapons on the population of Taurinum in case of any insurgency is also a prominent part of his recent service record and there are allegations of his torturers engaging in the vilest and most profane rituals on untried citizens. This has not deterred Colonel Vindis in supporting his most ruthless and loyal commander.

Captain Renton is known for his lack of public showings and his speech at the Festival of the Black Ship marks an unrecorded precedent in his dealings with the public, which provide you with a window of opportunity for eliminating him, should you choose to find him guilty of heresy.

Primary objective:
– Investigate Captain Renton for charges of heresy.
Secondary objective:
– If found guilty, eliminate Captain Renton
– If found not guilty, enlist him to your cause

Player Hand Outs 15

Mission Debrief:



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