The Battle of Castobel

3. Defence of Hive Cressos

Hive cressos

A smatter of static breaks the silence, as you sit in the meditating rooms of Watch Station Silion. Through it breaks the wellknown voice of the Watch Captain.
“A transmission from Erioch has reached us and I have chosen you as my representatives on this part of the mission. I will go to the high command to assist in the strategic planning and authorize the use of the Deathwatch in this battle. For your info here is the tanscript I recieved from the Watch Commander”

+++Deathwatch code: Omega-Red+++
Castobel, the dominating hiveworld in the Orpheus Salient, has come under massive attack by the tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon. The tyranid incursion is gathering around Hive Cressos, determined to assault and assimilate the hivecity into the Hive Fleet.
Watch Station Silion is being charged with a part of the defence to bolster the already significant imperial presence in the defence. This is to be considered the first of many assaults, that will determine the future for the planet, and failure to achieve victory equals annihilation.
+++Your faith in the Emperor shall be your guiding light, as you will rid this world of the infestation+++

“I have recieved this earlier this week, and contacted the Aquilan council, on how we may best assist in the defence of the hive. There are already two major hive complexes of the planet that have been destroyed, although one of them denied, the filthy xenos, their biomass. We will not lose another, as this will cripple the planet beyond what it must recover from, to be of use in the crusade.”
The vox crackles and it is clear that the briefing will soon be over. Your dataslates are blinking in stark green light, as it seems your objectives and placement in the hive defence are being delivered to you.

The slates read a position on the northern perimeter of the hive outskirts, and the Planet’s High Command has given you a place with a battalion of PDF-troopers.
Other notes of interest includes a Dark Angels presence with 2 squads from the 4th Company, and a full heavy tank regiment in quick response. The dataslate also comes up with a threat assesment, and it is suspected that the assault on you part of the defence, will comprise of untold hordes of the Gaunt genus, several Warrior genus and a shock attack force of Carnifexes.
You ready yourselves for deployment, giving up prayers to the God-Emperor, and pleasing the machine-spirits of your arms.

Requisition available: 40 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Survive the assault of the tyranid horde.
Secondary objective:
– Minimize the casualties sustained by the PDF troopers, as these will be needed in upcoming battles across the planet

Mission Debrief:

as remembered by Battle Brother Ezekiel:

We were inserted via thunderhawk, and took our positions along the guardsmen. In the horizon we could still see the smoke from the hive that denied the enemy their victory by blowing themselves apart. Glory to the emperor.
The Guardsmen had lined up on both sides of us, and further down the line we knew that the a company of my chapter brothers had taken positions.
It wasnt long before we could spot the tyranid horde moving in on us. Amongst their ranks we could spot larger creatures.
Knowing that every foul xenos wish nothing more than to kill me and every servant of the emperor, as soon as they had come within range, I opened fire from “Dies Irae” and the tyranid horde began to explode in their steps. I had stocked up on metal storm ammo, so every shot from “Dies Irae” was packed with explosive fragments doing glorious damage to the xenos filth. praise be to the emperor!!!
Moments later i could hear people around me opening fire, the sharp crack from the lascannon our techmarine was using to blast the larger tyrannids apart.
All went as it should and we slew scores of tyranids, I tried to keep both sides covered, as the guardsmen were having a hard time devastating the tyranids within their arcs of fire.
Among the scores of tyranid gaunts and warriors, we could see giant carnifexes leading the hordes onwards, and above them shrikes were swooping down from the sky, bent on taking every imperial life. The Emperor Protects, but still the imperial guards casualties were what was to be expected.
Eventually the tyrannids came close enough for my kill team brothers to engage them in melee.
As they engaged in melee i could no longer get a proper shot at the closest hordes, though i had reduced them to more manageable sizes. I asked my squad leader for orders, and he directed me to go and assist him at his position. Shortly there after, our librarian took a fatal swipe from a tyranid warrior, he had already taken severe damage, by previous opponents and random fire. The librarian died instantly, but we did manage to bring his body back to the apothecarium, so his geneseed could be extracted.

Eventually the truth dawned on the tyranids, the Emperor protects, and victory was ours this day. No foul Xenos shall ever lay waste to imperial space while i draw breath to deny them.



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