The Battle of Castobel

Genestealer cult

Watch Captain Brand has summoned you to his private office on Watch Station Silion. He is awaiting your arrival with anticipation, and a furrow is lining his forehead.
" Governor Varanis has returned to Castobel and his visit to the Omega Vault has been deeply troubling. Apparently there is a cult of foul xenos nestling in the spire of Hive Cressos."
Watch Captain Brand seems to be judging your reaction towards this news and then continues.
“How he has obtained this information at this time is also a source of discomfort for myself, as it seems this has been foretold and withheld from us until the very last moment, but ours is not the place to question our superiors.”
He gathers his composure and fastens a purity seal to each of your armours in turn.
“You will be bound by me to contact the Governor. There are several implicated in this foul business and you will root out this evil and restore a semblamce of order to the Aquilan Pluracy. The local Adeptus Arbites will be more or less unavailable, as they are suppressing several food riots in the middle and lower hive, so you will be wise to not count on their assistance in this undertaking.”
Without further elaboration, the Watch Captain dismisses you.

Requisition available: 25 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Locate and destroy the genestealer cult.
Secondary objective:
– Research how the cult obtained a foothold on Castobel.
Tertiary objective:
– Eliminate the abberrations.

Mission Debrief:



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