The Battle of Castobel

Crashed escape pod

See previous Mission Debrief.

Requisition available: 61 per space marine (same loadout as 7. Dark Tidings on Black Wings)

Primary objective:
– Retrieve the escape pod
Secondary objective:
– Extract any survivors from the crash
Tertiary objective:
– Find and eliminate Captain Quenzel Orinel

Mission Debrief:

I was deep in contemplation about a new way to deal with physical stress (like pain), without doing damage to/or putting your mind in danger, when I was interrupted by a slight noise. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it kept on, intensifying in strength. It was my vox, which was still active, and was on full volume. “This is Battle-Brother Ezekiel, are you there?!” I must have really zoned out… “Yes I am here, I had left my ear-piece out, so didn’t here you at first.” I lied. “It’s time to wake up and get to work Brother.”

I was put into the actual situation pretty fast. Battle-Brothers Azrael, Ezekiel, Malthon, Urien had been on a mission, and for some reason one of the escape pods had malfunctioned and went off course and most likely crashed on a feral world called Aurum. The other pod that did return safely, consisted of Ezekiel who had contacted me, and the work he referred to at first was Azrael who was unconscious and in need of medical attention. After some intensive care, and quite some time, I had him back to what one would call normal, all things considered he had been through a lot, but you can’t put down a brother like Azrael just like that. The Emperor Protects. We got a hold of Hexenhammer, and we had to decide how to proceed, based on the objectives not still completed, and on the chance of finding the pod that crashed with any survivors. We all agreed that if we went back just to find Captain Quenzel Orinel it would be a waste of efforts, but since there was a chance to find the pod and thereby Malthon and Urien, we could at least justify our actions when we called the captain of the ship to commandeer a transport vessel for Aurum. My main concern about the mission wasn’t this Quenzel captain, it was the possibility of finding our brothers still alive, and if not then at least finding them so I could extract their gene-seed and protect what is rightfully ours, if the Emperor wills.

After a short talk with the captain of the ship, Azrael was given a thunderhawk and a pilot to our disposal. We immediately set of towards Aurum with haste, since we hadn’t the tiniest clue on the whereabouts of the crash site, and since Aurum wasn’t the smallest of planets, we had no time to spare. After hours of searching the surface of Aurums dense jungle, from aloft in our thunderhawk, we ran into a rather weird phenomenon. We found an area, covering 3 km in width and 10 km in length, where all communication and electronic guidance was disabled, or what seemed like it, from all the static. We decided to take a closer look on the area, and by all luck found the crash site after a short while in a small clearing. The reason we even noticed it was a giant flame, shooting up towards the sky from under the trees. We took the bird down in the clearing that looked partly natural, like it had been there forever, and partly created by the impact of the doomed pod crashing to the ground. In the side of the clearing, there were two silhouettes standing, and we immediately noticed it was our lost Battle-Brothers. (Mainly because one of the silhouettes, looked like he had an enormous arm growing out where his head was supposed to be.)

We intended to search for Quenzel on foot, since he might still be nearby, and have our thunderhawk standing by in air. But when we talked with our pilot we found out he had detected a problem with the engine, and that he needed 2 hours of time to repair the damage. Since this didn’t really interfere with our plans about searching the jungle, we decided to leave the pilot to fix the engine. After 20 minutes or so, we found a strange compound, made in a material we hadn’t come across before. A black metal, which seemed to cover the whole building and it, looked like it was in one piece when you inspected it. We strafed around the edge of the building and found an entry point. It was a breach in the building, where a set of stairs led downwards into the inner secrets of this mysterious black construct. We entered with our weapons drawn, and as alert as you can expect an anxious Brother to be in a situation, where you don’t know what the outcome might be. Who could have constructed such a building?? Eldars?? Not likely, we concluded. Tyranids, was also out of the discussion. Other humans maybe?? But how could it be, if they used technology not know by us, Emperors chosen.
We entered a large room with 4 pillars in the center, and covering the seize of around 50 m x 50m, with 4 doorways including our entry point. We decided to split up and send 3 Brothers to each side, so we could cover the building fast, and find Quenzel, if he had taking up hiding inside this building. We almost reach each side of the room, at the same time, when a new large glowing pillar started rising from the very center of the room. We immediately started to track backwards, to meet up and be ready for anything at the first doorway. Meanwhile 4 signs, one on each corner wall was glowing up, and there was a terrible sound of metal grinding and moving together, and suddenly 2 of the walls opened up. In the midst of all the chaos, we held our position and were ready for anything, or so we thought. From the left doorway entered what seemed to be a gigantic robotic bug, the seize of a dreadnought. While Malthon, Urien and Ezekiel laid down fire on the bug, Azrael jump-charged into close combat without a care in the world. I have to admit, even though I told him to slow down for a bit more time, to let the body recover completely, I was happy to see him disregard my professional advice in this situation. We needed all men, as able as possible, against this unknown xenos. As I tried to flank for a better shot with my hellfire rounds, I suddenly found myself faced with a new foe, from the top doorway entry. 3 foes to be more accurate, all of them mechanical looking, but just the seize of a man, and bearing range weapons of some sort. Hexenhammer and I exchanged shots with them and got 2 of them without taking any serious damage. One of them looked like he was sort of regenerating, and tried to stand up again, but Hexenhammer made quick process of him. The third one was gunned down shortly afterwards by our turret, Ezekiel. I barely turned my attention back to the other fight, and it was over with Azrael hovering over the dead things body. We decided to search the compound, and destroy the glowing pillar, and the others there should be, according to the light we saw from the other doorways. Before we blew the pillar I investigated the 2 remaining bodies, which was still trying regenerate. I pried my knife through the skull of one of them, and it stopped regenerating immediately. I decided to leave the last in the regenerating state and gave it to Hexenhammer, so he could keep it in prime condition for later. If it came to much back to life he could hopefully put it back in regeneration state with a single bullet and keep it intact for our return to our ship.

We cleared the rest of the rooms without breaking a sweat, and destroyed a total of 4 glowing pillars, and escaped with 2 weapons and 2 bodies of the smaller xenos. We had hoped to return with one of them still in working condition, but when it regenerated enough to activate completely and Hexenhammer tried to sedate it with a bullet, it stopped regenerating and went dead. But still pretty good to have some hard material with us home to pass on to our superiors, for further investigation of this unknown xenos threat. It would worth to know that even though I first classified the large bug and the smaller humanoids as robotic, their advance regeneration leads me to think there has to be some form for organic substance involved in their presence, since I couldn’t possibly believe a metallic material could hold the ability to repair itself the way these xenos did.

As an offhand topic, we didn’t capture this Quenzel who might have been the saboteur of the escape pod that crashed. But seeing that we stumbled across something as extraordinary as an unknown xenos threat, I have to say, he suddenly seems kind of insignificant!!

Battle Brother Rafael


“sedate it with a bullet” Nyahahaha.

Rigtig godt skrevet, Rene! 5/5.

8. Escape from Aurum

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