The Battle of Castobel

7. Dark Tidings on Black Wings

Strike cruiser in space

Recovering from the Battle of Castobel has taken longer than any of you thought was required. You have spent three weeks aboard Watch Station Silion and the time of your healing has been an ardous trial for all of you. When you hear the summons of Watch Captain Brand, you are therefore thrilled to be allowed active duty again.
“My brothers, you have been assigned a new mission of great importance. It should be considerably easier than your last one.” He reveals a heartening smile and continues.
“You are to engage and board Eldar eclipse-class starship Bane of Revendis and capture its cargo. We believe a valuable diplomat or the like is aboard the ship, and his capture might discourage the Eldar from making a more solid presence in the sector.” Brand starts to pace around the holoprojector in front of him. "The captain of the Bane of Revendis is a known corsair that goes by the name of Captain Quenzel Orinel. This elusive vessel and its captain have long plagued the efforts of the Crusade. It would be a great boon to the Imperium to end its operations as quickly as can be done. The destruction of the starship is by no means considered to be a priority however."
The Watch Captain slides his hand over the holoprojector once and an imperial frigate is displayed. "I have arranged for transport to the system of Aurum, where we believe the Eldar are heading, aboard the frigate Reckoning. When you come into contact with the Eldar you will board the ship with torpedoes and from there your extraction will be procured by the “Reckoning”. Take your leave and go for the armory, and then proceed to the docking bay where your transport is awaiting you. May the Emperor guide you."

Requisition available: 61 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Capture the VIP and extract him to Watch Fortress Erioch
Secondary objective:
– Kill Captain Quenzel Orinel
Tertiary objective:
– Destroy the Bane of Revendis

Mission Debrief:

By Battle-Brother Ezekiel.

As we entered the aurum system and spotted the Bane of Revendis, we could see that the mission was to take a turn. A large spacecraft, old imperial now made orky, was attached to the rear end of the Bane of Revendis, so today we would face not only eldar, but orks as well. The librarian made some inquiries about the astropath, apparently so he would be able to contact him should the need arise. We entered the boarding torpedo and were in the hands of the Emperor, pointed toward an eldar eclipse class starship without any means of support or emergency extraction… This was indeed shaping up to be a good day.

The ride in the torpedo was a bit shaky, though mostly toward the end. The torpedo gates shut up with a loud hiss of air, and we rushed forward into a huge room, quickly realising that we had landed right between the eldar and the greenskin. We took a bit of small arms fire, but i managed to subdue the most severe ork threats while the rest of the squad moved toward the eldar forces. It was about here that i first knew, that nothing about this mission was about to go as we had planned. It started out as a nagging sensation and almost ended up paralysing me, but i managed to overcome, though it would never entirely leave me. But i managed to focus at the task at hand and kept our backs clear from the ork invasion. The sight of seeing greenskin torn apart by bolter fire will never bore me, it is just and glorious in the name of the emperor.
We took some incoming fire, and some of the other got hit a little, though nothing severe yet.
We moved toward the eldar, as we knew we would have little luck finding the VIP amongst the orks, more likely the treacherous eldar would protect him. We cleared the room and, as we were about to move into the second room, something happened, i didnt see what it was, but i suspect it was the librarian having a backfire again, i heard a terrible wail, and next thing i know, Brother Sergeant Azrael voxed me that he couldnt hear a damn thing, and that I was in command. I urged us onwards, and we came to the next huge room, this room was different though, huge cogitators and panels filled the room and around a hundred civilian eldar fled the room, between them some aspect warriors stood out and opened fire on us, they were clearly no match, but librarian got hit a few times before he created some kind of dome of energy that the enemy fire seemed to have a hard time penetrating. Protected, we could easily fight down the enemy. The civilians were still fleeing. further inside the ship we could see an ork killacan, but it wasnt in the way of our objectives, so we chose to bypass it and keep moving ahead. [[:brother-sergeant-azrael | Brother Sergeant Azrael] asked permission to scout ahead, I told him “Go, but be careful and don’t do anything stupid.” I am not entirely sure what he did in there, but i heard several enemy weapons discharge at rapid rates and him screaming. When we got there one of his arms were almost shot of, he could definitely not use it, he had several other holes all around his armor, and all in all he was in no condition to fight on, as he couldn’t wield his thunderhammer. He was stable though, and still mostly conscious. The eldar had retreated, so we followed them into the next room where the last of them died. We had seen a kind of lift system in a room, so we went there and tried to work it out, though no surprise, it was my chapter brother, Battle Brother Malthon that figured it out. He told us which button to press and we all ended up at the top floor of the starship. Immediately we knew that eldar were near, but to our great surprise, in the next room was both the VIP, Telian Elsiron, and the target of our second objective, Captain Quenzel Orinel. But what came as a surprise to us, was that the treacherous eldar surrendered without a fight. The Autarch had two emergency pods waiting to take us away from the ship, willing to come along with the captain without any bloodshed. The VIP, Brother Sergeant Azrael and I sat in one pod, while Brother Librarian Urien and Battle Brother Malthon would secure Captain Quenzel Orinel for later termination, as we could not do that without having all the eldar on the ship turn on us. Not long after Brother Sergeant Azrael‘s stimulants stopped working, and he passed out with the Bane of Revendis disappearing behind us, its fate along with its crew’s to die at the hands of orks.



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