The Battle of Castobel

9. On New Ground

Pellor III ACT Base

The transit from Aurum to Erioch passes uneventfully with meditation, and with the eldar prisoner in tow you can deem the mission a succes, even though the foul brigand, Captain Orinel, escaped your clutches. The days in warp travel have been well spent resting and honing your skills, and as you dock at the Watch Fortress, you are taken with awe at the magnificence of the fortress rock drifting silently in orbit of the Erioch system’s star.
Watch Captain Brand has gathered the lot of you in one of Erioch’s many observatorium’s. Erioch’s sixth dead world dominates the arma-glass bubble, blotting out the stars that usually surround it with reflected light from the system’s dying white sun. Brand rests within one of the many chairs grounded to the high-polish marble floor. His posture is relaxed, though the captain cannot help but project the potential death that resides within all Astartes.
“Please Brothers, be seated. It’s rare to witness number six so close.”
When you are seated, the Captain reaches within his robes and produces a stack of paper-thin data slates. He passes the stack around the room, never taking his gaze from the barren gray surface of Erioch VI. Brand is deadly silent as you read the green gothic text that scrolls across the slates’ pict screens.

Report on Pellor III – written by Adept Dolem – Departmento Munitorum
Fifteen years ago an Agri-Conversion Team (or ACT) was dispatched to the world of Pellor III to prepare the planet for its seeding, a process integral to the growth of human foodstuffs on planned agri-worlds. The ACT numbered slightly less than 500 laborers, administrators and planetary defense forces and established an encampment in the geographical center of Pellor III’s lone continent. The low number of personnel was meant to keep the operation quick and concealed from aggressors who would seek to disrupt it.

The team had reported successful conversions of the top and sub soil layers within the first two years of operations. Within the third year the ACT began the more laborious process of converting the continent’s salty regolith at the C Horizon. Before the end of the third year an astonishingly weak astropathic message sent from Pellor III’s surface was received by a passing Rogue Trader named Emile Zin. The Trader alerted authorities within the Departmento Munitorum of the message, though the communication was not evaluated until five years later.
The contents of the message were recieved and marked for review. Repeated attempts to contact the ACT have resulted in just as many failures. Astropathic communication could not be established with Pellor III’s surface and a suggestion was made to dispatch Imperial Guard forces to investigate. Deployment orders were promptly refused by General Lucidivar Vlack of the Canis Salient, citing the lack of evidence regarding a military threat to the operation on Pellor III.

When this adept attempted to recycle the request, the original message received by Emile Zin had been stricken from the records and labeled “Inquisition Prioritis.” No further action will be taken by the Departmento Munitorum and the matter is considered closed.”

Timing his words to the very second the last of you finishes reading the report, Brand states, “I recovered this report upon receiving instruction from Watch Commander Mordigael to dispatch a Kill-team to Pellor III – it’s the only piece of information about the planet and its recent history that I could find. It seems the Inquisition has gone to great lengths to see the details of this situation buried. Despite their secrecy, Inquisitor Carmillus herself has requested Deathwatch assistance from the Watch Commander, and have made it available to our eyes only that an inquisitor is on the planet, although no communication has been obtained with this throne agent.”

“Thus, you are to travel to the third planet in the Pellor system and investigate the ACT compound. Considering the Inquisition’s conservative stance on this mission and Inquisitor Carmillus’s personal request for action, I suspect that you may encounter hostiles on the surface, if not something worse.”

Requisition available: 84 per space marine.

Primary Objective:
– Investigate the Imperial Agri-Conversion Teams base on Pellor III.
Secondary Objective:
– Investigate the fate of the Inquisitor on Pellor III.

Mission Debrief:
The second we disembarked from our landing craft unto Pellor III, we knew that something had gone very wrong indeed. The derelict state of the port itself spoke of utter neglect, and not a single human or servitor was there to greet us. Everything was silent, and everywhere we turned, the dark colors of rot and decay were prominent.

As with most of our missions with the inquisition, information in the briefing had been minimal. So if we were to find the anyone at all, we needed to know a lot more about Pellor III. Luckily we had a most adept techmarine – Malthon – with us. Soon after we landed he had restarted a servitor, who started refueling our landing craft immediately. Malthon was also able to access the Logic engine at the Port to try and gain some much needed intel. However even though Malthon successfully restarted the logic engine, we didn’t gain any new information. Malthon was able to confirm to that the inquisitor’s ship had indeed landed here a few months ago.

The further from the port we got, the more it became clear that some catastrophe had befallen here. What the nature of the catastrophe was, still eluded us. As we began to clear all the buildings one by one – in the hope of finding any survivors, or any up-to-date intel – we came across 2 things of note: The central cogitater, that Malthon milked for all the information it had. The last entry in the logs were months old, and spoke of a ship nammed “Fury’s Descend”. In the ruins of a bar, we found a survivor from the inquisition. Interrogator Kyle Anders. Unfortunately Anders was less than coherent, about what exactly had happened, as he seemed more concerned with getting off planet as drunk as possible. He was, however, able to tell us where the inquisitor had gone on her investigation. He also advised us to head back, and leave the Inquisitior Quist to her fate, as she would surely have been killed. Coward. I do not take advice from cowards, nor do I flee from danger.

Using the direction given, we soon came upon a Rhino. It was parked outside a mineshaft. As was the case on so many of my Deathwatch missions, there seemed to be only one way to hide from the light of the Emperor: In cold and dark places of the worlds. Like filthy rats the enemies of the Emperor all scours to the nearest gloomy cave, where they will be trapped, to be cleansed and purified by the emperors chosen.

Of all the dark places I have cleansed, this was by far the darkest, foulest and most corrupt I have ever seen. The whole place reeked of death, rot, decay and unholy worship of chaos. If there was ever a doubt that we were facing chaos traitors, it was gone when we came upon a great door marked with the symbol of chaos undivided. I ordered the door and its unholy symbol destroyed immediately. What we saw beyond the door was so vile I have been forbidden by the holy inquisition to reveal any further details. Suffice to say, the room was cleared. This room will leave a dark spot on our souls forever. Emperor preserve us. The full details have been confessed to brother Chaplain Strome by each kill-team member. His unwavering faith will bolster ours when the nightmare of that room returns again.

It was now clear that everything we would encounter here was likely to be deeply tainted by Chaos. After we cleared another room by means of holy promethium, something rather strange happened: Someone on my vox claimed to be hidden and trapped in the room just beyond, with two demons. He presented himself as a vindicare assassin and part of the inquisitorial investigation. Quist, he reported, was also present, although in a very bad shape. Again, the agents of the Inquisition dishonored us by advising us to take the path of the coward, and turn our back on from those in need. The Angels of Death do not shy away from danger, we overcome it!

As we rushed the room it quickly became clear that the vindicare’s report was accurate indeed. After disposing the 2 demons, by lightning claws and bolter fire, it became clear to us what kind of condition the poor inquisitor was in. I ordered her evacuated immediately, and Malthon voluntered to bring her topside to the Rhino. Meanwhile the rest of us prepared for the challenge of a lifetime. It was clear, that we had yet to purge to very inner sanctum of this foul temple. As I charged into the room with my squad on my heels, a sight none of us will ever forget greeted us in the form of a true abomination: a Great Unclean One, spawned by a coward Chaos sorcerer, who teleported from the tempel when I got too close to him. His flesh covered tainted powerarmor will not protect him from the fury of the Aduptus Astartes, and so he fled, as cowards must. The inner sanctum also contained what must have been the rest of the population in the form of turncoat PDF troops aligned with the forces of chaos. To the sweet notes of heavy bolter fire tearing apart Traitor forces, I turned my full attention to the greater demon. My two lightning claws was rending and slashing huge chunk of puss and rotted meat in all directions, but this was no ordinary opponent, and soon enough I was lost in a battle frenzy against the demon, and the rest of the combat is remembered as seen in slowmotion through a blood red veil. When the haze finally lifted from my mind, I was completely and utterly drained, and soaked with more blood, puss, and reeking substances than I would ever care to think about again. I must say – with pride – that the entire kill team performed admirably from start to finish. To defeat a Great Unclean One without fear, without pause, without doubt, and without a single casualty by a team the size of ours is a feat only the mightiest heroes are capable of, and it makes me truly proud to serve with my brothers in the Deathwatch. Needless to say, we purified everything with holy flame.

The trip back was uneventful. We drove back using the inquisitorial Rhino and left the planet soon after with the three remaining survivors of the Inquisition.


Jeg kan godt lide at selv om der ikke er andre på planeten end ACT, så har de stadig overskud til at sætte en bar op :-P Det er sgu god stil.

9. On New Ground

Den bar udforsker jeg. I andre kan udforske regnen.

9. On New Ground

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