Aren Dathrin

Spiritual Leader of the Reapers


As the leader of the Reapers, Aren Dathrin has become a powerful claimant to true power in Hive Taurinum. He has organized his followers in the same way as other radical sects known around the sector, ruling them with an iron grip. He is a product of the Imperium’s abandonment of Argoth and staunchly support the ruling caste, even though they do not as yet recognize him as an ally of import.

In fact he was corrupted by a daemon of Slaan’esh. Acting as the mediator of a ritual combat with Content Not Found: character-or-item-slug and a scythe wielding daemon on the other, he protected his champion with a power field, although little was gained from this act.

In the end the attention of an Astartes was to much for him and he was killed by the Brother Nefarian, who charged him with all haste. Subsequently his acolytes charged the Kill-team, but the scene quickly turned into a riot, and with cleansing fire, Kill-team purged the taint of the heretics from the planet’s surface.

Aren Dathrin

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