Calculating, brooding, secretive, patient


When Korbin was still a neophyte, his body reacted very badly to the implants at first. Not expected to survive at all, it was to everyone’s surprise when he awoke from deep coma. However his close encounter to death was not without cost, as he awoke without a single memory to fill his super enhanced mind. The chapter apothecaries saw this as a great boon, as no memory, meant that any corruptive influence ever gained would be erased forever. Korbin was shaped to become the very essence of the Raven Guards, as it is as all he has ever known. Korbins quick wit and eagerness to learn new skills, quickly made him a valuable asset among the Scouts. The sergeant seemed to take a personal pride as Korbin continued to prove his reliance. He was quick to learn Korbin everything he could. After a flawless service record in the scouts, Korbin served as a tactical marine for nearly a decade, before his old scout sergeant died in a skirmish with a host of Alpha Legion traitors. As the most decorated scout in the last two decades, and because of the special bonded that had developed between Korbin and the former sergeant, it was only natural that Korbin was to be the new scout sergeant, and Korbin – honored by the offer – readily accepted. Korbin continued the same style of teaching as his predecessor: To be self reliant, confidant and highly individualistic, never to take needless risks and plan for all possible scenarios.

One day when investigating an imperial emergency beacon on a swampy moon, Korbin – along with his scout squad – was ambushed by Alpha Legion traitors. In the end only Korbin survived, that bitter day. Even though Korbin was cleared of all blame, it became Korbins last mission as scout sergeant, as he applied for transfer to the Deathwatch immediately after the incident. Realizing a bit time away from the tragedy of his latest squad squad, and keen not to waste his valuable talent for reckon and stealth, the captain was quick to grant his blessing.

Since then Korbin took on a number of minor assignments as a Kill marine. But even though the solitude was welcome at first, he welcomed the invitation to be part of a more permanent kill team. Korbin hopes to observe and learn from other legions among the Emperor’s finest. When he finally returns to his chapter, it will not be as the sergeant of massacred squad, but as an honoured Deathwatch veteran. Korbin also hopes the close relationship between the Deathwatch and the holy Inquisition, will get him within range of his most hated foe: the Alpha traitor Legion.



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