Battle Brother Ezekiel

Dark Angels Devastator


Bald, ugly and with a constant scowl on his face.

Only Cowards Run, but they can’t run from me.
Battle Brother Ezekiel

Chapter: Dark Angels
Specialty: Devastator
Power Armor: Mk VIII "Errant"type, history: death is joy

37 67 40 52 41 43 60 46 50

Unrelenting Devastation
Stalward defence
Mighty Shot
Signature Wargear – “Ultimum Recursum”
First among Equals
Hatred – Tyranids
Angel of Death
Bolter Drill
Strike Team Specialist
Rapid Reload
Signature wargear (master)- “Dies Irae”
Storm of Iron

Trained skills:
Command +10
Forbidden lore – Xenos – Tyranids
Forbidden lore – adeptus astartes
Scrutiny +10

Wounds: 25
Fate Points: 3

Solo mode abilities:
Stoic Defence

Weapon of Choice: " Dies Irae " Heavy bolter with melee chain attachment

Has returned to his own chapter to earn further glory.

AC: 20.000
Thac0: -150


Born on a death world, he learned from an early age it was kill-or-be-killed.

Through his time as a space marine, Ezekiel has slain countless enemies, his weapon of choice is the heavy bolter, which he wields with expertise.
When he served in the Ravenwing, second company of the Dark Angels, he saved his Captains life.
When an Ork Warboss had overpowered the captain, while on the move Ezekiel shot the ork in the head with the heavy bolter which he was manning on a Land Speeder.
Has developed a somewhat twitchy disposition and a very keen eye for enemy ambushes through his time in the deathwatch.
Ezekiel Hates every xenos race he has encountered(except the greenskin which he considers good sport), as he is very much aware that they are all out to take his life, and will take pleasure in doing so.
He is not too keen about heretics and witches at all…
Wields a heavy Bolter named “Dies Irae”.
Wield an Astartes melee attachment ( a chain bayonet named “Ultimum Recursum”) as signature wargear, this is mounted on his heavy bolter.
Has never withdrawn from an active battle, and will consider any such order illegal.

Battlebrother Ezekiel is the only surviving space marine from the kill team sent to quench the ork incursion on Vespasia led by Warlord Garznakh. The two other members of the deathwatch kill team have been killed in action on later missions.

Dies Irae
Dies irae1

Battle Brother Ezekiel

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