Brother Librarian Asmodeus Zaine

Blood Angels Librarian


A beautiful man, who most of the time have a huge smile on his face. Powerful psyker with strong melee capabilities. Have powers to predict the future, protect his squad and even make his enemies’ blood boil.

Chapter: Blood Angels
Specialty: Librarian
Power Armor: Mk VI "Corvus"type, histories: Thine arm be the scourge of the impure, A Fury like Lightning

51 38 46 45 54 44 42 53 50

Warp Sense
Rite of Sanctioning
Warp Conduit
Strong Minded
Slayer of Daemons
Furious Assault
Lightning Reflexes
Talented – Pilot Personal

Trained Skills:
Pilot: personal
psyniscience +20
Forbidden Lore – Xenos
Forbidden Lore – Daemonology

Fate Points: 4

Solo mode ability: Blood Frenzy

Equipment of Choice:
Mastercrafted Force Sword – Verum Sanguine
Jump Pack
Astartes Psychic Hood


His Life began as all other Blood Angel’s, on Baal, but Asmodeus was never like all the other, he knew things before they happened, as if he had somehow always known.
On the day he was chosen for participation in the competition to be introduced into the Blood Angels, he knew this was his future, this was where he belonged.
They were sent to hunt a fearsome native beast, Asmodeus knew well of this beast and predicted it’s movements with perfection. The hunt went on for three days before he encountered the beast in a small clearing where it’s movements were restricted. He came at it from behind with his sword, he got three cuts in before it could react, then it closed it’s massive fangs around where his head had been mere moments before. With it’s throat exposed, it was a small matter finishing in a spray of blood and gore. It shook for some moments before he cut off it’s head and began the long walk back.
Upon Returning, he was allowed no time for rest, one other candidate was left, and only one of them would become a spacemarine. Asmodeus drew a deep breath, knowing what was to come. He approached the space marine overseeing the selection process, “My lord, I will not back down, nor do I think it wise to fight this man, he has passed through perils few would survive, he has proved his worth in my eyes, I have no quarrel with this man, besides I already know how he will fall. I will evade his attack and catch him off balance, I will slice through his right arm in which he holds his axe.” “Is that so?” the lord asked, “well, you better prove it then… choose your weapon and FIGHT!”
Asmodeus chose a blade and his opponent chose a huge axe that could easily cut a man in two. They began circling, making small lunges and feints at each other, Asmodeus was hard pressed to focus on what was gonna come at him in the near future and the big axe hellbent on ripping him apart, he didn’t make any real attacks, other than to stay in the fight, until the moment came, he knew just how it would go. The man lunged forward in a mighty slash with the axe taking several steps to keep up with it, the chop would have cut Asmodeus in two, but in the very last moment he stepped to the side and then he made his move. The man’s right arm burst open in a spray of blood, the man could no longer wield his axe, he fell to the ground asking for mercy, Asmodeus looked up at the lord, who shook his head.

Twenty years later, he had been through the basics of Blood Angel Training and had learned his way around the librarium, he had managed to survive all the hardships of training. He was on a battlebarge, he had been attached to the 8th company, to Captain Zedrenael and his bloodblades, they had been sent to the Clovis sector to assist with taking a city from the orks. There was still months until they would get there but Asmodeus could already feel the excitement building up inside, this would be the first time he would go to battle as a Blood Angel Librarian. fifteen years later, he was still attached to Captain Zedrenael and his assault marines, when they were transferred to the Armageddon system, a particularly nasty ork Warlord, named Ghazghkull Thraka, had become a threat to the entire system, and several chapters of spacemarines were all joining up to quench the greenskin menace.

More than a century later, he was again attached to captain Zedrenael’s company, Asmodeus liked Captain Zedrenael, he was a good captain, who was concerned about his troops and led by example, he was a mighty warrior, the captain was always one of the first to get to the fight, and only once had Asmodeus seen a finer swordsman (he had gotten a glance at the mighty Lord Dante during the battle of armageddon), and he had since become trusted friends with the captain.
A space hulk had emerged from the warp in the Cularis system, and chaos activity had been spotted in the system. They were sent to investigate the space hulk for and signs of chaos and to purge any corruption found. They entered via thunderhawk, and spread out along the corridors of the massive complex of the space hulk. Before long they found the signs they were looking for. It was Sergeant Raziel of the third squad who reacted first reporting it over the vox, “Chaos spotted, black legion havocs blocking this corridor, taking evasive maneuvers.” before any orders were given, two other squads encountered havoc barricades. Captain Zedrenael barked out orders, and ordered his men ahead. Asmodeus followed the Captain along the corridors, so they could get in a position to flank the havocs along with his men. They flanked them and made short work of them. They pushed onwards fighting barricade after barricade. Their jump packs gave them a definite advantage along the big halls, but a few places there simply wasn’t the room to use it. After several hours of fighting their way from room to room they began hearing a chanting, they could see a massive building inside the room with flickering lights coming out from the windows, the chanting was obviously coming from in there. “ Fifth squad cover left, second right, and third the rear! Fourth, First and brother Librarian come with me, we’re going in there to stop this!” the captain voxed. They came into a great domed room, at the other end of the room were some 300 cultists chanting around a giant eight pointed star on the floor. In front of the huge star on the floor was a chaos marine wielding a staff that glowed with an eerie green light, he turned around as they came in, Asmodeus could see his face had been warped into one with his helmet, but not entirely, it was also something entirely else… something monstrous. Huge horns protruded from the sides of his face and twisted their way to almost meet behind his head. His eyes were shining with a sickening green light. There was no doubt in Asmodeus’ head that this was a foul chaos sorcerer, though he had not encountered one before, he was absolutely certain.
The whole room had an eerie feel to it, and an flickering light. The inconsistency in the light had at first covered the edges of the room and the the twelve chaos marines that hid there. The chaos marines attacked and the whole room erupted into violence. As the combat began to slowly die out, the chanting rose to a deafening crescendo that ended in a massive roar , as the cultist screamed and began charging the remaining Blood Angels, almost running them over end, but the Emperor protects, and his angel continued to cut down the heretics. All of a sudden the chaos sorcerer ran toward the middle of the star where he slammed his staff into the ground and screamed out his dark chants, then the light began to bend around itself around where he was, it seemed to suck all the light in from the whole room. What ever it was, it now began to grow steadily and soon it was almost an entire foot wide. Then with a sudden shrieking sound it ripped apart the fabric of reality and a maelstrom opened spilling out predators and daemons from the immaterium beyond.
Daemons came crashing through from the ether to the realspace, huge red monsters wielding massive blades, and with their eyes dead set on killing everything in their path onwards. Asmodeus knew what those beasts were, Bloodletters, monstrous servants of the vile chaos god Khorne. The captain was the first to regain his composure, he began bellowing orders over the vox, ordering the second and third squad to get in here and the fifth to support the rear. Asmodeus focused all his energy on learning the daemons’ moves before they knew them themselves. He conjured a protective shield around himself and his allies, granting them a brief insight into the nearest future, thereby allowing them to predict the daemons’ actions. The Daemons came at them hard, and they came again and again, the entire world around them had exploded into chaotic combat with each man trying to hold on to his own life. When Asmodeus managed to slay his opponent without immediately having to focus on another one, he made a decision: either this or they would all surely die. While still maintaining his protective shield, he reached into the immaterium, utilizing the already weak and fractured boundaries between the two worlds, He summoned his will upon the nearest daemon and lashed out at it with the fury of Sanguinius and the Emperor, the effect was instantly, the daemon howled in pain as it’s blood began boiling and it’s claws began flailing at it’s own skin as to rip it off. This went on for a brief moment before the daemon fell to the floor as a lifeless husk and began dissolving into dust. Though already stretched to the edge of his abilities, Asmodeus again reached into the immaterium, using his will to enhance his presence on the battlefield, bolstering his chapter brothers’ morale. Though it worked as he had intended, this time, something didn’t feel right, he could see it immediately, all around him, the statues began weeping with blood, blood even soaked the floor, though this was hardly noticeable from all the dead bodies lying around. But it had the effect he was hoping for, he had bolstered the morale enough to get people to team up and begin fighting organized. Behind them they could hear bolter fire as the second and third squad joined the combat. Slowly things were turning around as the Blood Angels began fighting orderly and as a complete team, strengthening weak positions and advancing strong positions. All of a sudden Asmodeus spotted the Chaos sorcerer, through ripping claws and wicked blades he fought his way there. Though he had already been hit several times already, Asmodeus did not feel the pain, Asmodeus bellowed a mighty challenge to the sorcerer, who answered by drawing a long slender blade that oozed with a black liquid.
Asmodeus drew upon the shattered reality and his gift of foresight, so he would predict his opponents actions. The chaos sorcerer made a few feints and then he made his attack, Asmodeus parried it and replied with an attack while his opponent was unbalanced. It hit home, straight through his opponents left upper arm, and made him lose his staff. The sorcerer snarled showing crooked jaws in his vile maw. This time the sorcerer didnt waste any time on feints, his next attack came straight for Asmodeus’ head. In the last instant he moved away and made for a sweep at the sorcerer’s legs, again it hit home, sending the sorcerer sprawling backward. Asmodeus was on him in an instant, his force sword coming down hard on the sorcerer’s head before he could parry it. The entire lower jaw was chopped off the sorcerer, who immediately began vomiting blood, Asmodeus didn’t stop there, his next attack hacked off the heretic’s sword arm by the elbow, resulting in a spray of red black oily liquid unto the floor around them. Asmodeus Bellowed out his victory, as he picked up the sorcerer’s torn body, and threw it into the maelstrom.
The Maelstrom erupted into a ball of light that shone so bright that everyone still alive in the room was instantly blinded and had avert their eyes if they had any hope of ever wanting to see again. All around them screaming began, it wasn’t human voices, they weren’t even voices, but they screamed. A death’s scream. Fire erupted all around the room, but before any one could even react, it dissipated, just as spontaneously as it had erupted. Then it was all quiet for a moment.
Asmodeus reached out, though his eyes were blinded, he could still feel the ebbs and tides of the immaterium, and what he felt he could never describe, but it felt as though somehow reality was intensifying, rapidly rejecting the ether from itself, Asmodeus smiled in relief.
Slowly Asmodeus regained his sight, first there was a blur, then shapes began to appear, and then he could begin to see things around him. He could see that the Captain was still alive, and only a few meters away, and so was most of second and third squad. first squad who had taken the brunt of the fight, had taken severe casualties, 5 battle brothers lost, and everyone else severely mangled.
“Throne, Asmodeus, you did it! You actually did it! I had made my peace with the emperor and accepted my death in combat, but you put an end to their plans. Well done!”
“The emperor protects, Brother Captain, Now let’s get off this forsaken hellhole of a ship.”

Brother Librarian Asmodeus Zaine

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