Brother Sergeant Azrael


WS 66 BS 42 ST 52 TO 51 AG 62 IN 41 PE 42 WP 40 FE 41


Life on Baal Prime was not easy for Azrael. At his 12th year most of his tribe was killed in the ever ongoing tribal wars on Baal, and taken for s slave. After 2 years of slavery he was forced to take part in what he thought was a tournament for the amusement of his slavers. After surviving the initial rounds, and killing – among others – the last known survivor of his own tribe, the truth was finally revealed to him: The tournament was indeed arranged by Blood angel recruiters. In the end Azrael was among the final two contestants. The final was long and brutal, and strained both combatants to the the very limit and beyond. However, a true victor was never found, as they knocked each other out simultaneously. When Azrael awoke he had a simple choice to make: slavery on Baal, or the path of Neophyte in the Blood Angels chapter. The other finalist died as his body rejected the organ implants at a very early stage.

Brother Sergeant Azrael

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