Captain Barresin

Captain of the Reckoning


Captain Barresin hails from the world of Corulseim in the Cellebos Warzone, a planet also known as Vanity. Growing up as a gristled veteran of a multitude of wars, he has left the life of open confrontation, and replaced it with his own sense of freedom amongst the stars. He is known by certain lawgivers in a multitude of worlds across the Sector and his capture with a cargo of contraband on Vanity, should have seen the end of his life.
It seemed like he should have died in the dungeons of Vanity, but instead he was recruited Inquisitor Horosa Barnabas, to act as his acolyte.
As a “dead man” plying the stars for the Deathwatch, that recruited him and his crew from the holding cells, he has been given a second chance. With a chance to prove his worth to the Imperium of Man, he has grown fond of his station in life and still has a large margin of freedom, as his captaincy of the Reckoning.


Captain Barresin

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