Captain Emile Zin

Rogue Trader Captain of the Mahzoos Yawm


Character stolen from the Dead Crusade.


Emile Zin is a successful Rogue Trader from the distant Koronus Expanse. How long he has been operating in the Jericho Reach is not known, but some have asserted that he has been present within the sector for over a century. It is undeniable that Zin is extremely familiar with the varied systems, denizens and conflicts of the Reach, though what ultimately brought the Trader there is a complete mystery.

Emile Zin commands the sleek and sophisticated vessel, Mahzoos Yawm . The Trader claims the name translates into “Lucky Day” in a millennia-dead language, further adding to the man’s esoteric nature.

Captain Emile Zin

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