Captain Hedron Malvis

Captain of the 13th Gumetallican Armoured Regiment


As commander of 4th Squadron of the 13th Gunmetallican Armoured Regiment, Hedron has seen much action in the Achillus Crusade. Being dispatched to guard duty on Vespasia after 2 years in the Cellebos Warzone, seemed a welcomed respite from endless war on the Blood Trinity.
Unfortunately for Captain Hedron and his squadron, it proved to be at the same time that Warlord Garznakh chose to attack Vespasia.
During the attack on Vespasia, his commanding officer, Colonel Redrick Mavaris, ordered a hold ground mission for the squadron, and subsequently escaped the planet after confirming the size of the assault.
Hedron took charge of the defence mission and was relieved to see the Deathwatch come to the aid of the planet.
He held on to his command in spite of the presence of Astartes, and their wishes to commandeer the imperial forces.

Hedron is a headstrong man with strong moral principles and an undying faith in the Emperor. This also accounts for him taking charge of the failing defence mission, that could have lead to the loss of Vespasia.

Captain Hedron Malvis

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