Captain Quenzel Orinel

Eldar Corsair Captain of the Bane of Revendis


As captain of the Bane of Revendis, Quenzel Orinel is an experienced corsair. He has lead numerous attacks on imperial trade shipping. He is a wanted pirate that has so far eluded the Imperial Navy, and as a consequence he has become more daring, attacking larger convoys. His elimination will be a marked advantage for the Imperial Navy and will improve the supply chains of the crusade. He has recently had contact with envoys from Biel-Tan, an eldar craftworld of great renown, and his crew and himself has been marked as wanting news of the Aurum system.

Choosing to escape from the clutches of the Kill-Team after an honourable surrender, by crashing the escape pod into the nearby planet, Aurum.

Captain Quenzel Orinel

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