Captain Renton

Captain Tarmillo Renton of the 3rd Company Mortressan Highlanders


“How despicable and unclean you are to me. Rats scurrying for their lives when danger rears it head. Many of you have died as the treacherous, despicable heretics you are. On this night 55 years ago, the blessed black ships landed upon this planet and took away the true danger that lurks in the darkness. A mother might grieve the loss of her son, but this sacrifice is borne out of necessity. An unguarded mind is opening a portal to the deadly foe that lurks in the nightmares of every soul.
You have brought this upon yourselves. Your lack of faith leaves me baffled. You are not the progenitors of the God-Emperor and I will make certain that all your sins shall be dealt with by the only cleansing that the unpure deserve.
Death by fire. Death by fury. Death for the glory of the Emperor.”

- The speech of Captain Renton at the Festival of the Black Ship.

As the company captain of the 3rd company of the 14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment, Captain Renton has seen the destruction of over 15 worlds in his military career. He is lauded as one of the most ingenious military tacticians of the otherwise competent officer cadre of the Highlanders, and his prowess has been put to good use by Colonel Vindis. He has been the focal point for disrupting insurgents and has upheld morale in the regiment across the companies by his shear force of will.

He is also renowned for the execution of the Commissar appointed to the regiment, due to blasphemous dealings and had him executed in the All Saints Square on Argoth.

Captain Renton is known for his staunch opposition to any uprising on Argoth and has been personally responsible for a famine riot ending in the deaths of more than 2.4 million inhabitants from the Taurinum Middle Hive, as well as unrecorded numbers from the Lower and Underhive of Hive Taurinum. His use of biological weapons on the population of Taurinum in case of any insurgency is also a prominent part of his recent service record and there are allegations of his torturers engaging in the vilest and most profane rituals on untried citizens.


Captain Renton

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