Colonel Redrick Mavaris

Imperial Guard Colonel


“Why must I toil with these failed degenerates”
-from the diary of former Colonel Redrick Mavaris of the Imperial Guard

Colonel Redrick Mavaris is a native Scintillan noble, who has used his influence and wealth to position him as a commander of imperial forces. Despite failing the induction to Imperial Officer Academy on Scintilla, he payed his way into the Academy with the backing of his fathers vast wealth and influence, as a part of the Oligarchic Council on Scintilla.

After a series of minor commands in the fortifications on several fortress worlds in the beginnings of the Achillus Crusade he was finally given command of a regiment of the Merov Penitentiary Indenture Legion. His failings as a bad tactician and a poor peoples person, quickly made him lose the respect of the hardened criminals in the penal legion.

Commanding the defence on the agriworld Vespasia, Mavaris fled the encounter during the assault by ork forces under the command of Warlord Garznakh. Mavaris ended his career as a foot note in the history of the Achillus Crusade. He was summarily court marshalled and executed following the turning of the battle by a kill-team from the Deathwatch.

Colonel Redrick Mavaris

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