Colonel Vindis

Colonel of the 14th Mortressan Highlanders


A foul tempered, calculating commander, Colonel John Vindis is liked by Lord Ebongrave for his complete disregard of his own or his troops safety, and everybody else in the general vicinity of either. Vindis has willingly sacrificed over 15 billion citizens of the Imperium in his military career, calling down orbital bombardments in several Inquisition-sanctioned Exterminatus’.
Being second in command of the 14th Mortressan Higlanders for over 75 years, has made him an even more bitter and cynical man than when he started his career, and he’s looking forward to taking command of the regiment and the subsequent promotion to Brigadier-General. His regimental commander, Brigadier-General Saertal is not showing any sign of deterioration, even though he is in his fourth century commanding the Highlanders, but he has recently displeased Commander Ebongrave, and that has been the end of several other high ranking officers under the Dark Hand’s command. Commanding more than half of his regiment’s soldiers, has given him some joy, and he has used this to transform Argoth to his own personal paradise with death squads wandering the hives, large execution details on a daily basis, assaults on the riots with viral weapons and the like.
He is generally well-liked by his troops, as they share his bleak outlook on the Jericho Reach, and he has publicly voiced that an Exterminatus should have been performed many times over on the systems he has served upon, an expression that is shared by his regimental command.
There are rumours of him silently paying hommage to daemons of the Warp, but no investigation has ever been instigated against him.

In the recent past, he has almost subsumed command of Argoth, as the frail Governor Ralien has become highly dependant upon his advise. The forces of the PDF are also looking to Colonel Vindis as their commander, as he has also assumed command of the Arbites and PDF on the planet.


Colonel Vindis

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