Deneth Irien

Navigator of the Mahzoos Yawm


Forming the back bone of the crew on the Mahzoos Yawm, alongside First Mate Riven and Captain Emile Zin, Irien has served on the Mahzoos for over 40 years, all the time working with the traders of the Koronus Expanse. The recent shift to the Jericho Reach has so far been an adventure that the old and grizzled navigator could have been without. Prone to giving his opinion no matter how unwanted it may be, the Navigator is nevertheless a true friend of the Captain.]]

He has started to be troubled by the attentions of the Hive Fleet, and has been reported as saying “The shadow troubles my third eye.” Referring to the presence that all psykers feel when encountering the Tyranids.

He has given a warning to the captain, with regards to boarding Watch Station Megaera, as he says he has a “bad feeling” about this one.


Deneth Irien

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