Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente

Upholder of the Imperial Creed. Redemptor Cardinal of Hive Taurinum


“See the stars unfold, for they are legion. See the dreams of humanity unfold, for they are legion. See the truth of the galaxy unfold, there is only one. The light of the God-Emperor beckons me closer, and I have been cleansed in the fires of his gaze. Now I will revisit the Emperor’s fires upon all of the wicked souls, where ever you may roam.”
- From the sermons of Andrus Trente.

A true Redemptionist, with no qualms whatsoever of burning an entire hive, for the chance to kill a few heretics. Andrus Trente has become vastly popular with the people of the middle hive for his rejection of compliance with curfews on Argoth. As the head of the Crusade of the Red Redemption on Argoth, he holds considerable power and even though branded a traitor by the Governor, the campaigns to incarcerate him, have so far proved ineffective.

He has been behind numerous crusades into the underhive to cleanse them of mutants, scavvies and all the other denizens that mustn’t be suffered to live.

Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente

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