Governor Varanis

Governor of Castobel


Rarely seen in person, as he is a fond user of “flesh puppets”, as is the custom in the spire of Hive Cressos, he is nevertheless a charming and willful person, who likes to engage in pastimes such as hunting in the deserts of Castobel. He behaves as could be expected of an Imperial Governor, a title he has been elected to by Lord Solar Tetrarchus himself. He is a fierce politician and will try to undermine and potentially destroy his political enemies by any means.

Has met the kill-team on several occasssions namely as he was escorted from Castobel to Watch Fortress Erioch and once again after his return from the Omega Vault as he had come nto possession of knowledge that incriminated several nobles of the ruling council of Castobel as members of a Genestealer cult.

Governor Varanis

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