Inquisitor Quist

Inquisitor Adrielle Quist of the Ordo Xenos


Inquisitor Adrielle Quist of the Ordo Xenos is a stern and uncompromising woman. Like many of her peers, she is highly secretive when it comes to her goals and motivations. To many, Quist bears the label of “radical” due to her penchant for recovering xenos technology rather than simply destroying it. Though she has only recently arrived at the Tower of Brass, many of the enclave’s trove of artefacts were reclaimed by Quist or her acolytes.

She was found by the Kill-Team on Pellor III, in the hands of the cultists gathered there.
Her legs have now been replaced by bionic replacements, as they were found to be beyond saving.

During the Kill-Team’s insertion on JS-415, she was severely wounded by the Tau found there. The experience of being blown to pieces by seeker missiles hasn’t improved her manners in the least bit and she now has a giant scar running down her backside, forever reminding her of the protection offered by the Astartes of the Deathwatch.

The trip to Sedu in the Slinnar Drift has turned her into a haunted individual, as she has kept largely to herself, and avoided the company of the crew of the Mahzoos Yawm and the attention of the Kill-Team. Her only company has been the demented preacher found on JS-415, Alessander Vodis.


Inquisitor Quist

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