Lord Tetras Valaya

Member of the Aquilan Pluracy


Lord Tetras Valaya is an Imperial noble, from a long line of Navis Nobilie and as such is an extremely wealthy and influential person in the entire Jericho Reach. He is currently somewhere around 150 years old and has two heirs to the Valaya estate. Both are believed to be kept in Cryosleep to be awakened at their fathers death, since no one has seen them since they reached the age of maturity.

Although a sworn enemy of Governor Varanis, he is a respected meber of the Aquilan Pluracy, and holds significant wealth in both production apparatus and the space trading companies of Castobel.

During the investigation of a xenos cult on Castobel, Lord Valaya was a prime suspect for the infection and was later cleared of all charges by the kill-team in their mop-up operation.

Lord Tetras Valaya

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