Raman the Unending

Champion of Ulthor's Ravagers. Ulthor's Second in Command.


Being the champion of the Soul Reapers, the order within Ulthor’s Ravagers overlooking the spiritual well being of the lunatic Berzerkers that comprise the Khornate force, he has prospered over the past five millenia and according to tapes and logs from the Deathwatch has also been defeated and destroyed seven times in the past two centuries.
There are speculations that he has been favored by the dark master he serves, and as long as he heaps the skulls of his foes at the base of the Brass Throne, he is undying.
It could also be that his master saves him for a worthy adversary, where he may be defeated in true single combat, placing either his foe’s or his own skull before his master.

Raman was a decisive factor in the assault on Iphigenia, that ended in the summoning of a Greater Daemon of Khorne. This has so far been the single greatest achievement of the Ravagers, and one that the Unending takes great pride in.

Defeated by Brother Strages in combat, the Unending survived long enough for the Kill-Team to extract the whereabouts of the lair of Ulthor. It was also discovered that the Ravagers where planning a third coming of their lost Primarch, Angron of the World Eaters, now a Daemon Prince of Khorne, and that the ritual was well underway.


Raman the Unending

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