Ulthor the Rampant

Aspiring Champion of Khorne. Leader of the Ravagers


Ulthor is a remnant from a long forgotten time. He has seen the Imperium controlling the Jericho Reach, the fall of the Reach, and is now witnessing the Achilus Crusade attempting to regain the control of the sector. He has been harrasing the trade routes of the sector, acting as the leader of Ulthor’s Ravagers. A devout servant of the warp entity known as Khorne, he has slaughtered the crews of the ships looted, leaving all but one to tell the tales of atrocity committed by the Ravagers and himself.

With the death of Raman the Unending his hidden lair has been given up, and is the target of the Kill-Team.


Ulthor the Rampant

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