Watch Commander Mordigael

Watch Commander of Watch Fortress Erioch. Captain in the Blood Angels Chapter


Watch Commander Mordigael is a quiet man with an intense look that betrays his reserved passion. He is a veteran of many campaigns with both the Blood Angels and the Deathwatch. He expects perfection from himself and the Battle-brothers around him, so important is his duty to the Emperor.

Mordigael is in his third tour with the Deathwatch and has only recently been elevated to Master of the Vigil. It is not a secret that he believes the current failings of the Achilus Crusade compromise the Deathwatch’s duties in the Jericho Reach. It’s because of this fact that the Commander has been very selective when choosing which of Lord Militant Tetrarchus’s requests for Deathwatch assistance he will grant.


Watch Commander Mordigael

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