Dies Irae

Heavy Bolter

weapon (ranged)

“I could see the ork tide rolling in over the planet.
I had never seen so many orks before, and I had fought them on many occasions before. But this was like an ocean of green madness rolling in across the land. I looked at our lieutenant for support, but he was gone, his position abandoned. I could see the fear in the men around me, i couldn’t blame them, i had never felt so small and insignificant compared to the orc wave.
Then I heard it, a sharp barking from a heavy bolter, but this one was different, not alot, just slightly.
I could see the orc onslaught parting before my very eyes, I could barely believe it. could it be? Had the astartes reinforcements the lieutenant had talked about finally have arrived?
I heard them over the vox before i saw them, “Imperial Guard Regiment 418 do you read me, this is Sergeant Uziel of the Dark Angels. come in…”
And thus I knew that the Emperor in all his grace had smiled on us this day, as he had sent his mighty astartes warriors to save us.
The ork hordes were blasted to cinders and tiny bits before my very eyes, and as i looked around to see where that sound i had heard first came from, i saw it, one of the mighty astartes were wielding a heavy bolter with an expertise i have never seen the like of. He tore the hordes apart with all his might focused down the barrel of his heavy bolter. I later learned of his name, Battle Brother Ezekiel."
From the debriefing from Sergeant Birger Tolund, Imperial Guard Regiment 418

“And the day of wrath shall come upon you, to strike fear into the souls of the wicked, and he will lift his gaze upon us and deliver the faithful”
-from the sermons of Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente

The weapon of choice for Battle Brother Ezekiel of the Dark Angels, this heavy bolter has seen much use in the Achilus Crusade. Currently fitted with a melee chain attachment, it is a brutal and savage testament to the might of the Imperium and its unflinching loyalty to the Emperor.

Dies Irae

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