Praenuntius Mortis

Relic Storm Bolter


+6 BS, +3 AG and Reliable. Also confers +2 damage. Only useable in terminator armour.


“Harbinger of death half clad in a gown of grey.
Hair tousled, monstrous to my normal sight, Fist clasp, holding a thunder cloud.
Face stern with unconscious smirk ready to jump out. Grim look mingled with an unforgiving smile. Relaying news scary to ones peaceful countenance.
The people in my past life – angels all harbingers, Of good life – always guided by one clad in a gown of white.
My harbinger of death searching for a lost smile, Only to find angels all cald in an armour of white.”

- By Jona Polo Ramirez 011.M.3

Granted to the Deathwatch by an unknown brother of the Deathwing for saving his life in the 33th millenia.


Praenuntius Mortis

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