The Battle of Castobel

6. The Final Battle of Castobel

Hive tyrant

“Brothers.” Watch Captain Brand is standing at the far side of an old table made of ironwood. He is holding a data slate in his right hand, and even without his armour he is still a towering and imposing figure.
“The battle of Castobel seems to be swinging in our favour. There are already several reports of tyranids gone feral, and this suggests that there are a lack of synapse creatures present. We do, however, have a significant concentration of the xenos at the Desert of Cressos Majoris. There is at least one of the tyrant genus present and your task will be to eliminate it at all costs.”
The bulk door behind you slides apart and a chaplain wearing full battle armour is entering. “Greetings Brother Strome.” The Watch Captain walks over to the new arrival and then turns to you.
“This is Chaplain Titus Strome.”
You stand in awe of him, as his tales of valour echo around the Jericho Reach. He removes his skull helm and reveals a lean and hawkish head, with closecropped gray hair.
“You are to accompany my own kill-team and another lead by Brother Richter in an insertion and elimination of the Tyrant. We will be set down in drop pods directly inside the throng of tyranids, and from there we will engage the tyrant and destroy it with holy favour.”
Watch Captain Brand picks up the rest of the briefing.
“16 hours before your insertion, the Imperial Guard will launch a full scale assault on the tyranid nests of the desert, and at the same time three strike cruisers and the main battle ship, Arm of the Emperor, will strike against the Hive Fleet in orbit around Castobel. This will create a sufficient distraction for you to be inserted and complete your objectives. You will be required to bring a teleport homer, so we can return you to the watch station, with as short a delay as possible.”
Strome then goes to his knees and starts a prayer to the God-Emperor and you join him in prayer.

Requisition available: 55 per space marine and ability to requisition equipment one renown rank higher than your actual rank.

Primary objective:
– Eliminate the Hive Tyrant
Secondary objectives:
– Destroy the entire tyranid nest
– Obtain primary objective at all costs
– Save the life of Brother Chaplain Titus Strome
– If unable to save Strome, retrieve his body and return it to Watch Station Silion
Tertiary objective:
– Eliminate the synapse creatures that are encountered

Mission Debrief:
The final battle for Castobel – As remembered by battle brother Malthon

Long had we waited to get the final intel on the tyranid threat on Castorbel, so we might give them a fatal blow to the hive mind, and scatter the lesser insects of space. It was time to save Castobel for the Emporor, and for now.

While we made our way to the pods, we took comfort in knowing that many of our brothers right now, was keeping the Tyranid threat occupied, so that we could be inserted as close to the hive tyrant as possible, as unnoticed as possible.
On the ground and out of the drop pod we quickly realize, that we had landed away from Chaplain Titus Strome, and the rest of the kill team… There was no time to waste. The rough landing had given us some attention, and we made ready for the first glorious battle the clear the way for the real glory, and the support of our battle brothers. A Carnifex, 10 Tyranid warriors and a horde of smaller xenos scum was no match of the determination in the kill team, because there was no time to waste.

Target was waiting
A quick regrouping and we were again making haste to join up with the rest of the strike team, and the final battle. As we came to a gorge, which seamed difficult to cross, help was send from the sky. A drop pod falling from the sky wedged in the gorge, and brought to us reinforcements, and a way to cross. After vaporizing the shriekers we welcomed Battle Brother Amalric Hexenhammer, and fresh supplies to end the Tyranid enemies of the Emporer.

Joining forces
On the other side we made our way though the battlefield with xenos in the distance all around us. Unable still to get in contact with Chaplain Titus or anybody else over the vox, but almost at the throng of tyranids, we are engaged by a threat we can’t ignore. A Carnifix and several hordes of Hormagaunts and Termagant stand in the way of our primary objective, and quickly forced us to tactically redeploy. Still unable to get in contact with anybody, Sergant Azrael gives the order to fall back, while The Vaporizer takes care of the Carnifex. Then all of a sudden Brother Librarian Urien claims to have spoken with the sky, and we regroup, when we hear a roaring from above. In our hour of need the Emperor had heard us, and granted us two of the finest Battle Brothers, two dreadnaughts joined the battle. We quickly dispose of the xenos horde, and quickly march to join up with the already fighting Chaplain Titus Strome.

“The Emperor protects…”
- Battle Brother Amalric Hexenhammer

The conflict resolved
Approaching the battle with the Hive tyrant, we see 4 hive guards kept occupied by Brother Richter and 5 other Battle Brothers. The adrenaline was pumping, while facing this giant beast, and we all rushed into yet another glorious battle for the Emperor. As my chapter brother Ezekiel, new brother Amalric and me opened fire on the beasts, the rest of the kill team made its way to the objective. Just as Sergeant Azrael came the Chaplain to aid, Brother Chaplain Titus Strome took a fatal blow to the chest, leaving our Sergeant alone with the beast. Taking a worthy beating, he kept it occupied while the rest of us filled it with the Emperors wrath. After the Hive Tyrant was slain the surviving hive Guards flees. Leaving nobody behind, and before more hordes attack, we gather the fallen brothers while our medic uses his skills to keep the dying remains of Titus Strome alive until the evac reached us.
Protected by the Emperor our whole kill team survives this glorious crusade, and live to tell the tale of the Battle for Castobel. It could have been a worthy day to die, but I guess our mission had the grace of the Emperor.

5. Omens from Omega

Genestealer cult

Watch Captain Brand has summoned you to his private office on Watch Station Silion. He is awaiting your arrival with anticipation, and a furrow is lining his forehead.
" Governor Varanis has returned to Castobel and his visit to the Omega Vault has been deeply troubling. Apparently there is a cult of foul xenos nestling in the spire of Hive Cressos."
Watch Captain Brand seems to be judging your reaction towards this news and then continues.
“How he has obtained this information at this time is also a source of discomfort for myself, as it seems this has been foretold and withheld from us until the very last moment, but ours is not the place to question our superiors.”
He gathers his composure and fastens a purity seal to each of your armours in turn.
“You will be bound by me to contact the Governor. There are several implicated in this foul business and you will root out this evil and restore a semblamce of order to the Aquilan Pluracy. The local Adeptus Arbites will be more or less unavailable, as they are suppressing several food riots in the middle and lower hive, so you will be wise to not count on their assistance in this undertaking.”
Without further elaboration, the Watch Captain dismisses you.

Requisition available: 25 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Locate and destroy the genestealer cult.
Secondary objective:
– Research how the cult obtained a foothold on Castobel.
Tertiary objective:
– Eliminate the abberrations.

Mission Debrief:

4. Capture of the Hive Mind



Requisition available: per space marine

Primary objective:
– Retrieve the Zoanthrope and bring it back to Watch Station Silion.
Secondary objective:
– Capture the Zoanthrope alive.
Tertiary objective:
– Avoid detection until the taking of the Zoanthrope.

Mission Debrief:

3. Defence of Hive Cressos

Hive cressos

A smatter of static breaks the silence, as you sit in the meditating rooms of Watch Station Silion. Through it breaks the wellknown voice of the Watch Captain.
“A transmission from Erioch has reached us and I have chosen you as my representatives on this part of the mission. I will go to the high command to assist in the strategic planning and authorize the use of the Deathwatch in this battle. For your info here is the tanscript I recieved from the Watch Commander”

+++Deathwatch code: Omega-Red+++
Castobel, the dominating hiveworld in the Orpheus Salient, has come under massive attack by the tyranids of Hive Fleet Dagon. The tyranid incursion is gathering around Hive Cressos, determined to assault and assimilate the hivecity into the Hive Fleet.
Watch Station Silion is being charged with a part of the defence to bolster the already significant imperial presence in the defence. This is to be considered the first of many assaults, that will determine the future for the planet, and failure to achieve victory equals annihilation.
+++Your faith in the Emperor shall be your guiding light, as you will rid this world of the infestation+++

“I have recieved this earlier this week, and contacted the Aquilan council, on how we may best assist in the defence of the hive. There are already two major hive complexes of the planet that have been destroyed, although one of them denied, the filthy xenos, their biomass. We will not lose another, as this will cripple the planet beyond what it must recover from, to be of use in the crusade.”
The vox crackles and it is clear that the briefing will soon be over. Your dataslates are blinking in stark green light, as it seems your objectives and placement in the hive defence are being delivered to you.

The slates read a position on the northern perimeter of the hive outskirts, and the Planet’s High Command has given you a place with a battalion of PDF-troopers.
Other notes of interest includes a Dark Angels presence with 2 squads from the 4th Company, and a full heavy tank regiment in quick response. The dataslate also comes up with a threat assesment, and it is suspected that the assault on you part of the defence, will comprise of untold hordes of the Gaunt genus, several Warrior genus and a shock attack force of Carnifexes.
You ready yourselves for deployment, giving up prayers to the God-Emperor, and pleasing the machine-spirits of your arms.

Requisition available: 40 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Survive the assault of the tyranid horde.
Secondary objective:
– Minimize the casualties sustained by the PDF troopers, as these will be needed in upcoming battles across the planet

Mission Debrief:

as remembered by Battle Brother Ezekiel:

We were inserted via thunderhawk, and took our positions along the guardsmen. In the horizon we could still see the smoke from the hive that denied the enemy their victory by blowing themselves apart. Glory to the emperor.
The Guardsmen had lined up on both sides of us, and further down the line we knew that the a company of my chapter brothers had taken positions.
It wasnt long before we could spot the tyranid horde moving in on us. Amongst their ranks we could spot larger creatures.
Knowing that every foul xenos wish nothing more than to kill me and every servant of the emperor, as soon as they had come within range, I opened fire from “Dies Irae” and the tyranid horde began to explode in their steps. I had stocked up on metal storm ammo, so every shot from “Dies Irae” was packed with explosive fragments doing glorious damage to the xenos filth. praise be to the emperor!!!
Moments later i could hear people around me opening fire, the sharp crack from the lascannon our techmarine was using to blast the larger tyrannids apart.
All went as it should and we slew scores of tyranids, I tried to keep both sides covered, as the guardsmen were having a hard time devastating the tyranids within their arcs of fire.
Among the scores of tyranid gaunts and warriors, we could see giant carnifexes leading the hordes onwards, and above them shrikes were swooping down from the sky, bent on taking every imperial life. The Emperor Protects, but still the imperial guards casualties were what was to be expected.
Eventually the tyrannids came close enough for my kill team brothers to engage them in melee.
As they engaged in melee i could no longer get a proper shot at the closest hordes, though i had reduced them to more manageable sizes. I asked my squad leader for orders, and he directed me to go and assist him at his position. Shortly there after, our librarian took a fatal swipe from a tyranid warrior, he had already taken severe damage, by previous opponents and random fire. The librarian died instantly, but we did manage to bring his body back to the apothecarium, so his geneseed could be extracted.

Eventually the truth dawned on the tyranids, the Emperor protects, and victory was ours this day. No foul Xenos shall ever lay waste to imperial space while i draw breath to deny them.

2. Transport to Erioch



Requisition available: 30 per space marine.

Primary objective:
– Keep Governor Varanis alive.
Secondary objective:
– Eliminate the Farseer.
Tertiary objectives:
– Dismantle the eldar pulse bomb.
– Repel the eldar invaders.

Mission Debrief:

1. Extraction from Tantalus

Pyroclast gamma 9

Watch Captain Brand stands on the viewing deck of Watch Station Silion, looking down on Castobel, as the hiveworld beneath him writhes under the tyranid assault. He beckons you closer, and then starts to speak.
" Magos Biologis Vyakai has remained on the primary Castobel sattelite, Tantalus, to conduct a research mission on Hive Fleet Dagon, on behalf of the Deathwatch. A splinter of the forces invading Castobel has diverted course from the ongoing assault on the Hiveworld. Magos Vyakai has requested emergency extration from the planet, and you are being dispatched to deal with the situation.
The Magos shuttle has been shot down over a mining refinery complex, designated as Pyroclast-Gamma-9, in the northern hemisphere of Tantalus and his emergency transponder is still sending a distress signal, which should be a sign that he is still alive, however there is a problem with fixing his position on the planet, so something is wrong with the situation.
There is less than 20 hours, from mission insertion, until the tyranid forces will make landfall and destroy the facilities on Tantalus. Tantalus has already been declared lost to the Imperium, and the majority of the Adeptus personnel has been evacuated.
Magos Vyakai is currently carrying a datacore that contains important information regarding the genetic composition of Hive Fleet Dagon, and the Deathwatch considers it paramount to the sector’s survival, that the datacore is retrieved.
The Magos is also considered a precious asset, and his extraction from the planet is recommended by your commander.
Lastly this is your first taste of battle in the Deathwatch against the Tyranid hordes and defeating a tyranid of the warrior genus, will be a suitable advesary for you at this time.
The frigate “Thunder’s Wrath” will carry you to Tantalus, so be quick in preparing as the crew of the ship has already briefed. I expect much from you, as you excelled on Vespasia in defeating the ork threat."
With these words the Watch Captain, dismisses you, and you leave the observation deck, proceeding towards the docking area of the Watch Station.

Requisition available: 30 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Retrieve the Magos’s Datacore, and return it to Watch Station Silion.
Secondary objective:
– Rescue Magos Vyakai if possible, as the loss of his person will be a severe blow to the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Tertiary objectives:
– Defeat a Tyranid Warrior in close combat.
– Rescue Commissar Sander and extract him and the remains of his platoon. (hidden objective)

Mission Debrief:

0. Prologue Waagh Endings

Agrifield 417

Ork Warlord Garznakh has started a Waagh on Vespasia, an Agriworld, that is critical to the supply of Hiveworlds, that are under attack by Tyranids in the Orpheus Salient. Castobel and Vanir are more or less reliant on the food convoys from Vespasia. For the defence of Vespasia a regiment of Merov Penitentiary Indenture legion, and a squadron of armour from the Gunmetallican 13th Armoured regiment have been dispatched to protect the planet under the leadership of Colonel Redrick Mavaris. The main ork assault is taking place on Agrifield 417.

Requisition available: 55 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Eliminate Warlord Garznakh that has gathered a minor ork incursion, and attacked Vespasia.
Secondary objective:
– Destroy Warlord Garznakh’s bodyguard. A special unit known as da Butcha’ Boyz, Ork Nobz with access to Imperial Standard equipment.
Tertiary objectives:
– Turn the tide of battle by obtaining at least 450 killmarkers on the ork horde. Horde Magnitude is traded with 1-1 Kill Markers for Orks, 5-1 for Gretchin og 20-1 for Snotlings.
– Obtain a trophy from Warlord Garznakh.

Mission Debrief:


Ork menace succesfully eliminated.

Subject: Warlord Garznakh…
Status: Deceased.

Subject: Da Butcha’ Boyz
Status: Deceased

Ork menace was almost entirely wiped out, though small pockets of orks yet exist on vespasia, imminent threat eliminated, mob up will be done by local PDF and Imperial Guard.

Kill Team Status: Extracted via Thunderhawk following successful insertion, no casualties, members suffered small injuries, no members took critical damage.

+++Praise to the Emperor+++


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