The Battle of Castobel

15a. The Assassination of Captain Renton
Festival of the Black Ship

Festival of the Black Ship

Shortly after your arrival on Argoth comes the time for a reckoning with one of the master minds of the peculiar situation on the quarantined planet. Argoth is having the centennial celebration of the Festival of the Black Ship. The main speaker at the celebration on All Saints Square is going to be Captain Renton of the 14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment. Captain Renton is known for his staunch opposition to any uprising on Argoth and has been personally responsible for a famine riot ending in the deaths of more than 2.4 million inhabitants from the Taurinum Middle Hive, as well as unrecorded numbers from the Lower and Underhive of Hive Taurinum. His use of biological weapons on the population of Taurinum in case of any insurgency is also a prominent part of his recent service record and there are allegations of his torturers engaging in the vilest and most profane rituals on untried citizens. This has not deterred Colonel Vindis in supporting his most ruthless and loyal commander.

Captain Renton is known for his lack of public showings and his speech at the Festival of the Black Ship marks an unrecorded precedent in his dealings with the public, which provide you with a window of opportunity for eliminating him, should you choose to find him guilty of heresy.

Primary objective:
– Investigate Captain Renton for charges of heresy.
Secondary objective:
– If found guilty, eliminate Captain Renton
– If found not guilty, enlist him to your cause

Player Hand Outs 15

Mission Debrief:

15. Far From the Emperor's Light

Hive Taurinum

“The situation report from Argoth is a complete disaster. The Dark Hand’s hold on the planet is worse than could be thought possible. As a result of this, we will take drastic measures to ensure the reemergence of Argoth to the prominence of the Sector.” The old Blood Angel Commander takes a few seconds to let the idea sink in, and then continues. “You have been handpicked to an insertion on Argoth. Your mission there will be considered outright heresy by almost everyone in power in the sector. You will be my Guerilla force on the planet. As the Emperor’s servants you will purge the wickedness that has risen in Hive Taurinum, and you will be His Angels of Death.” After giving his speech to you, he then makes a dismissal with his hand. “Your Watch Captain will give you the exact mission details.” With these words you leave Mordigael in his sanctum and report to Watch Captain Brand.
As you expected, the captain has summoned you to one of the many observatoriums. He is evidently shaken by the current state of affairs. “You have done a great service to the Imperium with all your actions in the Orpheus Salient, and your recent insertion on Castobel.” He’s gathering himself but the words are hard to find. “I know that the Watch Commander has briefed you, but you will need greater detail. The insertion will be aboard the Mahzoos Yawm and the Captain of the ship will be at your disposal for a 5-day period, after which he will return to Erioch to give an update on your preliminary findings. There will be no extraction plans made up and there is no contingency plans in effect at this time. You will for all intents and purposes be alone on this most ardous of tasks.” The captain punches a rune on the data slate in front of him and the picture in the holofield changes to the devastated landscape that is Taurinum. “There were at your most reccent visit on Argoth, evidence suggesting that the PDF and the Mortressans have been subverted by the Powers of Chaos and this will not be tolerated by any loyal astartes. Therefore the Commander has decreed that they must be purged of any rebellious sentiment, and these targets are believed to be placed high up in the chain of command of the respective PDF and Guard regiment on Argoth. Suffer not the heresy to take hold on the Emperor’s worlds.” Again the Captain touches the data slate and the holo changes to a familiar face. “Although the Deathwatch and the Ecclessiarchy have run foul of one another in the past, the Commander recognizes this Andrus Trente as an ally to our cause. Obtain his support to further our agenda in the Reach, and gain access to his network of loyalists. This should prove critical in establishing a bridgehead on the planet and will garner support from the masses on the planet. He will most likely be able to keep you concealed for a longer period of time than a Kill-team themselves can provide. If you should discover any leads to this xeno infiltration and subversion of the planet, you are of course tasked with the elimination of these.” Brand looks each of you in the eyes as he says. “Go now with the Emperor’s Grace, and let his beacon once again shine on Argoth. You are His chosen warriors and the heirs of the Imperium. Strike hard and fast and let nothing deter you from the righteous path which you thread. It is not without a heavy heart that I am sending you into the lions maw, but I have faith in you and your prowess. Prove to them that nothing can hinder a warrior of the Emperor, and hold true to your course. This dark hour that threatens to leave the loyal citizens of the Imperium in the clutches of the enemy will be defeated.” With these words you steel yourself for the task at hand and walk of to the munitorum for the needed supplies and the tactical assesment of the operation.

Requisition available: 240 per space marine.

Primary objective:
– Reinstate true Imperial governance on Argoth.
– Break the blockade around the planet Argoth without alerting Imperial authorities of your presence.
– Secure a Base of Operations for sustained activities.
– Remain unidentified for as long as possible.
Secondary objectives:
– Eliminate the Governor and find a suitable replacement in the Administratum or any other Imperial organization on the planet.
– If unable to perfom the objective above, send a request through secure channels to the Deathwatch.
– Eliminate the leadership of the Mortressan Highlanders and the PDF forces on Argoth.
– Obtain contact with loyalists on Argoth.
– Purge any heresy and spiritual corruption encountered on Argoth
Tertiary objectives:
– Purge any Xeno presence in Hive Taurinum.

Player Hand Outs 15

Mission Debrief:

14. Eagle of Vengeance

Arriving at the space hulk

Troubling news has reached the Watch Fortress. A Space Hulk has just appeared from the Warp, and it is on a collision course with Castobel. The Entire Watch is deeply commited to this cause, and the Watch Commander has called for a grand meeting in the audience chamber of the fortress. Even from your fortified and isolated position, you have heard of the Ecclessiarchy’s claims of a deliverance from Hive Fleet Dagon, and that the Hulk is a sign of the Emperor’s Grace. As all of yóu enter the main chamber of Erioch, you are taken aback with the amount of Battle-Brothers present at once. A full company of Astartes, the sum of all serving in the Deathwatch in the Reach. Many of these are spoken of with great reverence, and are heroes of countless battles against the foes of Mankind. At the center of the chamber stands Watch Commander Mordigael, in full regalia, a sight that is not often seen.

“Brothers,” Mordigael starts the grand meeting, “I have recieved news that concern the entire sector. A Space Hulk has been identified by the Adeptus Telepathicus near the Castobel System. This has been further identified as an old Emperor-Class Battle Ship. We are currently unaware of the status of the ship and if there is a Xenos presence aboard the vessel.” Mordigael is wandering the circle that has been made around him. “The Ministorum will tell you that this vessel is the salvation of Castobel, though I am yet to be convinced. I will send two teams of veterans that will purge any presence of the unclean Xenos, clad in the finest of wargear from the armories of the Watch Fortress. I believe the recovery of this ancient battle ship may grant us many boons, and, Emperor willing, we will again prevail in our Vigil.” He dismisses the grand meeting, and it is clear that many of these veterans standing beside you are old aquaintances. In between the friendly jests and loud laughter there is a note of discord. All gathered here today know that this is to be a deciding factor in the fate of the Orpheus Salient, and the actions of these teams are extremely dangerous, but a chance at the glory gained from such a quest will be enormous.

From amongst the crowd gathered in the great chamber, you see Watch Captain Brand beckoning you closer. He’s wearing a marked smile on his face that shines as a contrast to his otherwise marked appearance. “Brothers, it is a glorious day, for I have been chosen to lead the expedition to the space ship. You will join me as my secondary squad, so rejoice for I believe this is a day of fierce retribution upon the enemies of Man. When you have made the rounds you will join me in the briefing room, where I will give you the mission paramet…” Brand is suddenly knocked off of his feet by a giant Space Wolf, evident by the large fangs protruding from his pursed lips. “Thought I’d never see you again, Ricken!” You realize that your presence is no longer needed and retire to your cells for a prayer and then leave for the briefing.

As you enter the observatory deck of the Fortress, you see the Watch Captain standing alone before the holodesk. He is wearing a big and disarming smile. Clearly his spirit has been lifted by the appearance of several battle brothers of old. “Welcome once again to the Observatorium. We must be of haste as this mission is of great importance to the Deathwatch and the efforts of the Crusade.” His usual determined face comes to the fore again, as he starts his briefing. “The Space Hulk is on a catastrophic course with Castobel, and will strike in less than two weeks from now. Considering that the Empyrean can be fickle, we are being dispatched in two separate vessels. The kill-team I am taking charge of will be aboard the Reckoning, and you will be boarding the Mahzoos Yawm. The voyage should take no more than five days, but upon your arrival you will board the Hulk immediately, so we have a beachhead aboard the Hulk. We have all been assigned Tactical Dreadnought Armour for this mission and the extra protection added by this will probably be much needed.” He shuffles through a few holos until until he comes upon one showing the trade routes in the Orpheus Salient. “This is deep inside the tendrils of Hive Fleet Dagon and I suspect that the Hulk is an attempt at reestablishing a bridgehead upon Castobel. All of our previous efforts will be for naught if we do not stop the Hulk from crashing with Castobel.” He once again flips through a couple of holos and finally stops at a painting depicting Brother Richter slaying the Hive Tyrant. “The Mechanicum has also shown interest in the Hulk and has requested our preservation of the space craft. What sparing information they have divulged, gives us the impression that the Hulk may actually be an old Astartes battle barge, and whatever information we may obtain will be invaluable to ourselves and the Mechanicum.” With those words he turns off the holodesk and looks at you with fierce determination. “This is your chance to immortalize yourself in the service of the Deathwatch. Nothing has been spared in our mission and we will not falter when the gaze of the Emperor is upon us.”

Requisition available: 160 per space marine.

Primary objectives:
– Board the Space Hulk.
– Change the Space Hulk’s current course.
Secondary objective:
– Remove any xeno presence encountered.
Tertiary objectives:
– Obtain the log of the ship.

Player Hand Outs 14

Mission Debrief:

13. Enemy of Old

Ulthor's Ravagers

Dispatching the Tyranid that had been gestating on board the Mahzoos Yawm, proved a small obstacle, but the sudden interest shown by the Powers of Chaos, has taken you by surprise. The foul heretics have apparently bypassed the security of the Watch Station, and looted what could be taken.

They did, however leave a clue to their whereabouts, and you have chosen to follow up on the position of these raiders. The now deceased traitor gave you a coordinate in the vicinity of Octavian, and the small asteroid housing the Corsair fleet of Ulthor, is now your primary target.

The corsairs are apparently a Chaos Warband, that goes by the name of Ulthor’s Ravagers.
Their actions have reached you long before this incident, as several of your brothers have been investigating ships dissapearing without warning, through otherwise “safe and stable” warp routes.

The Ravagers are attempting to summon a Daemon Prince, banished in a long forgotten time several millenia ago. If they succeed, the stalemate currently in effect in the Cellebos Warzone will end with the Powers of Chaos sweeping across the entire sector. This will also put Ulthor in a position of power in the Stigmartus , should he combine his forces with the daemon worshippers of the Hadex Anomaly.

The vault and armory of Megaera were apparently not breached, and they are opening up to the codes given to you by the Watch Captain.

Requisition available: 140 per space marine. (Consult GM for details on item availability)

Primary objective:
– Prevent the Ravagers from completing their ritual to summon a Daemon Prince of immense power.
Secondary objective:
– Kill Ulthor the Rampant.
– Destroy Ulthor’s Ravagers.
– Retrieve the technology stolen from Watch Station Megaera.
Tertiary objectives:
– Obtain information on how the Ravagers bypassed the security on the Watch Station.

Player Hand Outs 13

Mission Debrief:

12. The Dark of the Void

Repairs on the Warp Drive

The trip to Sedu is a long one without the aid of the warp, even in Zin’s surprisingly nimble vessel. A month has passed since your Kill-team departed the doomed planet known as JS-415. Indeed, whatever had drawn the Tyranids to the near-lifeless mass has probably already been claimed.. or consumed. Though you do not feel fear as most humans do, the very thought of what secrets or powers the Tyranids might gain as a result of their invasion of JS-415 sickens you.
Inquisitor Quist has largely kept to herself, unless you count her prisoner, Vodis, company. What little you have seen of the man in the ragged robes of the Ecclesiarchy has led you to believe him mad with the thought of revenge. Any control he once exhibited a month ago has melted away with the time he has spent in Quist’s chamber. Vodis’ already wide eyes are shot red with blood and though he is usually gagged, he endeavors to shout, scream, rant and rave at every opportunity. Quist herself says very little to you. She is difficult to pin down; even by those she seems to favor. It’s common for the Inquisitor to do away with any pretence of formality and dismiss herself from somebody’s company without a word, let alone an excuse. The woman is wholly distracted by whatever secrets she gleaned from the surface of JS-415…or the thoughts, memories, or emotions the place woke within her.

The Rogue Trader, Emile Zin, has been focused upon repairing the Mahzoos Yawm. The vessel’s servitors, those that survived the invasion of the Tyranids, have done all they can to keep the ship together. Zin has mentioned that his resources have run out and true repairs will require supplies he hopes are available at the Watch Station on Sedu. Unfortunately, the entire journey has been plagued by a series of minor disasters that have forced the Captain to divert his already thinning stock of assets. Servitors have been found ruined in darkened corridors, entire banks of cogitators have been reduced to smoldering metal chunks and a few of the Yawm’s human crewmen have disappeared entirely.

Requisition available: 105 per space marine (same load out as 11. Examining the Exterminatus.

Primary objective:
– Dock with Watch Station Megaera and oversee the repair of the Mahzoos Yawm.
– Ensure the safety of Inquisitor Adrielle Quist.

Player Hand Outs 12

Mission Debrief:
+++Ships Log+++
+++Captain Emile Zin+++
+++Most of the crew have been disabled and the power of the reactor core is dropping. The Astartes fail to appreciate the delicate situation they have put me in, and they fret on the safety of my crew while the ship itself is tearing apart. Little do they know, that the darkness that has come to the Yawm is not unprecedented+++
+++End of Entry+++

+++Captain Emile Zin+++
+++The Astartes have requested a significant portion of my crew for seemingly idiotic guard duty. They are also arming the boatsmen. The day for a true mutiny will probably be upon us sooner than they suspect. A minor threat in the form of 4 Xenoforms has been eliminated in the process, but I fear that this was but a pale shadow of the darkness to come+++
+++End of Entry+++

+++Captain Emile Zin+++
+++We are currently going into orbit around Sedu, and the Watch Station will be in contact with us in the next few hours. The station is hailing us already, tellling that it is currently manned, although the Astartes claim that none of their brothers are stationed this far away from civilization+++
+++End of Entry+++

+++First Mate Riven+++
+++The Astartes are experiencing heavy resistance aboard the Watch Station and I am relying on the internal voxnet of the Battle Brothers to relay the simplest messages. They have encountered Daemons, and are battered and bruised. The light is dying on hope.
The Captain is currently away on a repair mission in the engine compartment. The bridge has become strangely quiet without him to guide the ship. All hands ae standing by, awaiting the transmit that will determine the outcome of the mission. Should the Astartes falter, then there will be no replacement parts for the warp drive, and we will be condemned to a fate most undesirable+++
+++End of Entry+++

Mission Debriefing:

Mission Debriefing:

Failed delivery
Failed delivery
Failed delivery

fleet XMO encryption enabled

884.134.M42, 06:32:01 GSET
From Tancred Strages, Battle Brother, Deathwatch Kill-Team classified, location: classified
BCC: Crusade Fleet Invictum, Strike Cruiser Bruder Fulk, Castellan name redacted, classified secondary recipient
Marked urgent
Subject: FW: Mission debrief, Megaera incident

Praise the Emperor!
Master brother, I bring dark tidings. There are cracks in the Muros Iericho. Enemies of the Emperor are planning to summon a category VII Immaterium-entity in the Reach. The entity bears the name of the arch-traitor Angron (last recorded sighting, 474.M41).

What follows is my official report to my temporary masters in the (most honorable) Deathwatch. My own comments to Crusade Fleet intelligence have been marked with brackets (parentheses). Please forward.

When (or if) you receive this message, our desperate actions to prevent the trans-Immaterium conjuration will have taken place. If no further reports are forthcoming, know that I will have died fighting the enemies of mankind. May the Emperor’s light shine upon us all, may our enemies drown in their own lifeblood.

No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!
Your most loyal and obedient brother, Tancred Strages

primary encryption enabled

884.133.M42, 22:44:59 GSET
From Tancred Strages, Battle Brother, Deathwatch Kill-Team classified, location: Watch Station Megaera, Sedu
To: Watch Fortress Erioch, Ops-Comm, Commander Mordigael, Captain Servais
Cc: Gabriel Nefarian, Titus Strome
Marked urgent
Subject: Mission debrief, Megaera incident

Praise the Emperor!
Most honorable lord commander, honored captains and brother sergeants, please accept this official report from the incident at Watch Station Megaera.

I pray that this message reaches you in time.

Our primary objective was as follows:
– Dock with Watch Station Megaera and oversee the repair of the Mahzoos Yawm.
– Ensure the safety of Inquisitor Adrielle Quist.

The warp drives of our ship, the Mahzoos Yawm, had been damaged during the extraction from JS-415, and Watch Station Megaera was the nearest place to conduct repairs.

Approaching the station, we could see a frigate-sized warship docked at #A dock. When we discovered that the warship displayed clear signs of the taint, Brother sergeant Gabriel Nefarian readied the kill-team for combat insertion at #B dock. Our primary objective then became to investigate how the traitor ship had managed to bypass the station defenses. The Mahzoos Yawm was to remain nearby and engage the traitor ship if it made attempts to escape. The human female inquisitor followed the kill-team onboard the station.

Our suspicions of warpish taint was proved, when after boarding #B dock of Watch Station Megaera, the Kill-team encountered Immaterium entities codenamed Bloodletters. These were promptly dispatched, but not before our honorable squad leader, Brother Sergeant Gabriel Nefarian, was put temporarily out of action. Senior Deadwatch member Brother Librarian Asmodeus Zaine assumed temporary command, as per standard procedure. We also encountered the remains of the crew, two brothers of the Deathwatch. They had been killed by the Warp entities and nailed to the bulkhead. Salvage teams should make an effort to secure the gene seed of these brave souls and return them to their chapter of origin.

After securing the area, the squad made way for the station command center, while Battle Brother Claverius remained behind to secure #B dock and assist Brother Sergeant Gabriel Nefarian in his recovery. We advanced with weapons ready; the entire dock level was fogged in by a red mist resembling blood, an indicator that the warp presence was still active on the station. The mist affected our systems and rendered low our visibility.

Reaching the central spine of the station, we took the service elevator to the command level. There, we encountered a functioning traitor-Dreadnought unit, and seven out-of-sight unknown targets. We took the elevator back down to the station storage section, to see if we could find any heavy weapons. There were plenty of armed vehicles, among them a Razorback, but upon finding no hand-held heavy weapons, we returned to the command level, accidentally alerting the dreadnought in the process.

Acting squad leader Brother Zaine immediately divided the kill-team into an assault unit and a support unit. The assault unit, composed of Brother Librarian Zaine and Battle Brother Strages, was tasked with destroying the traitor dreadnought, while the support unit, Battle Brother Korbin and Brother Apothecary N’Ban, initiated overwatch and covering fire. Brother Apothecary N’Ban also shielded the human inquisitor from potential harm

The dreadnought was destroyed by the assault team. However, acting squad leader Brother Librarian Zaine suffered an incident during the combat action that left him slightly wounded. (Master brother, omitted from my report was the fact that our team psyker experienced a Warp-related transgression. An explosion of what I believe was raw warp energy was unleashed from the psyker and it knocked over most of the kill-team. Why the other chapters insist on keeping these dangerous individuals is quite beyond me. Though I observe my strict diligence to duty, I take no pride in serving alongside such a potential hazard.). The support team dispatched a number of petty human rabble and a well armed traitor marine, who emerged from a nearby control room.

With the traitors destroyed, we took up position outside the command center. Scans revealed seven more traitor Marines inside, in what we assumed was prepared positions, and yet another number of petty humans. The traitors seemed to be aware of us. At this point, the kill-team was deemed to be too combat inefficient to engage without support. Thusly, Brother Librarian Zaine led a small salvage team back down to the storage unit to commandeer an armed vehicle. In their absence, Battle Brother Korbin and Battle Brother Strages, being the most combat ready, remained behind as a delay-team to ambush potential pursuers.

Down in the storage unit, the salvage team commandeered a Razorback and made haste for the command center. However, the departure of the salvage team had galvanized the traitors, who decided to exploit our divided numbers. They charged the delay-team piecemeal down the corridor, suffering numerous casualties in the process. But the traitors kept coming, ignoring our suppressing fire, and a furious melee ensued.

In imminent danger of being mobbed, the delay-team requested immediate assistance from the salvage team. Unfortunately the narrow corridors encumbered the Razorback. Halfway topside, the salvage team met up with Battle Brother Claverius, who took over driving the Razorback, having had past experience in such matters. In the meantime, the delay-team was being hard pressed by the leader of the traitors, having spent their strength fighting his many minions.

But praise the Emperor, the timely arrival of the razorback turned the traitor’s guttural laughter into cries of alarm. The leader of the traitors attempted to clear the corridor, but was fought back by Battle Brother Strages. He was subsequently immobilized by an impact from Claverius’ speeding Razorback.

The Razorback burst past and into the command center where gunner Brother N’Ban finished off a heavily armed traitor marine. Brothers Zaine, Claverius, and N’Ban then emerged from the Razorback and silenced the remaining traitor marine and the human rabble.

We secured the leader of the traitors, who had barely survived Battle Brother Claverius’ imaginative attempt to terminate him by Razorback.

In the meanwhile, Brother Librarian Zaine found the station control terminal and downloaded a status report. However, we found nothing that indicated foul play in the system, so as the traitor ship remained docked, we decided to seize it and investigate. Unfortunately the ship slipped away during our decent to the docks. With the departure of the ship, the red mist also evaporated.

When we reestablished contact with the Mahzoos Yawm, captain Emile Zin reported that he had pursued the traitor ship, but that it had slipped into the warp. He had however information on its final destination.

Brothers Strages and N’Ban interrogated the leader of the traitors, one Raman the Unending, second-in-command of Ulthor’s Ravagers, the gang of pirates led by the vile Ulthor the Rampant.

The subject did not survive the interrogation. Praise the Emperor. But he did divulge information that the gang was looking for a relic onboard Watch Station Megaera, some sort of cube. He spewed a lot of heretical nonsense, all too vile to repeat here. Please see the attached complete integration report compiled by Brothers Strages and N’Ban for clarification.

After the demise of the traitor leader, captain Emile Zin reported a most troubling find. The log of the traitor leader indicated that Ulthor’s Ravagers were attempting to summon the Immaterium entity known as Angron, former primarch of the World Eaters traitor legion.

Captain Emile Zin had provided us with the most likely location of Ulthor the Rampant’s base of operations, at classified near Octavian and after conferring with the human female inquisitor, we decided to make haste for the traitor asteroid base and disrupt the summoning.

We salvaged tactical dreadnought armor from the armory and made haste for glory.

You will receive a full report should we survive.

Battle Brother Tancred Strages.
Hail the Emperor!

11. Examining the Exterminatus

Examining the Exterminatus

The components of Inquisitor Quist’s legs whir softly as she moves away from the small strategium’s only door, enacting a locking ritual upon the door’s rune plate before doing so. “I am pleased you all answered my summons. I was hoping that my previous encounters with some of you would not cause a permanent rift between us.” Quist moves to occupy a position at the front of the room. A smile, obviously forced, comes to her lips and none fail to miss the oddity of the expression upon Quist’s usually stern features.

The Inquisitor is garbed in a simple light carapace armour with inscriptions on the breastplate and the Inquisitor’s legs are hidden beneath a pair of freshly pressed fatigues with flak paddings on the knees. “I would have you know that you may speak freely here. The room is properly warded against prying eyes and ears.” Quist moves to stand behind the strategium’s dormant cogitator rune plate but makes no overtures to wake it. For many seconds she stands there, staring at each of you in kind. When she finally speaks her voice is so low as to be undetectable without the aid of your sensory implants.
“What I am about to divulge to you must not leave this room. I am to trust you with information most in my order do not possess and that many would kill to steal.” The Inquisitor taps several of the runes on the cogitator’s console before the thing comes to life. A sprawling holographic map of the Jericho Reach suddenly hangs in the air above the console, rotating slowly to show you every angle. Tiny dots of light represent stars, each of which is surrounded by opaque balls of varying sizes and colors. “This,” Quist’s voice continues at her expertly slight whisper, “is the Jericho Reach as those aware of its existence know it.” The woman walks around the cogitator console, settling before an area of sparse black space. She extends a long mailed finger, barely touching the hologram. “Here,” she says pointing to the area of empty space “lays a world only a handful of human beings know exists. You’ll find it on no map or star chart anywhere. All mention of its presence has long since been stricken from Imperial record, even those rare few dating back to before the Age of Shadows.”

Inquisitor Quist’s finger withdraws from the space, leaving a pin-sized hole in the hologram. “The world was once known as JS-415 and was a frontier colony managed by the Departmento Munitorum in the time before the fall of this sector. Upon the return of the Imperium to the Reach, Lord Inquisitor Belgrade, companion to Lord Militant Achilus himself, classified this world for reevaluation. Belgrade apparently believed that there was a slim chance that the military presence upon JS-415 persisted, despite years of isolation in the vast darkness.”

Js 417 Quist returns to her position at the cogitator rune plate and stares directly at the mark she made upon the hologram. Her eyes linger even as she speaks, “Belgrade dispatched his personal retinue along with a young and hungry Inquisitorial apprentice. The details of the group’s encounters upon the planet are sketchy, but it is known to me that only the apprentice returned from the planet after issuing the order of Exterminatus and returned to Belgrade for debriefing. Again, the details of the conversation between the apprentice and the lord are beyond me. However, the result of the conversation is not. All record of JS-415’s existence was wiped from Imperial data stores. The Inquisition was extremely thorough.” Quist pauses to remove her eyes from the hologram. Her use of the word “thorough” implies murder.

“You are here, learning of JS-415 because I require your company upon the world’s surface. Had my personal retinue survived my last expedition, I would have doubted their ability in this matter. However, I trust that the elite Marines of the Deathwatch are up to the task.” You all get the feeling that this is the closest thing to a compliment you’ll ever receive from Inquisitor Quist. “I’ve already taken the liberty of speaking to Watch Captain Ramiel and he has released your team to me in Captain Brand’s absence. My goal is to investigate JS-415 to confirm or dismiss suspicions I have concerning the forsaken planet’s fate.” Standing straight, Quist locks her eyes upon Brother Nefarian. “The meeting with your Trader friend, I will have it now. I am curious to know how the man was able to get you to the surface of a quarantined Imperial world. Skills such as those will be quite valuable in this instance, as I wish this to be an…independent operation.”

Requisition available: 105 per space marine.

Primary objectives:
– Escort Inquisitor Quist to the surface of JS-415.
– Protect the Inquisitor at all costs.

Player Hand Outs 11

Mission Debrief:

After we had been briefed, Brother sergeant Nefarian and I went to a small room where i laid the Emperors Tarot to gain insight into which dangers my brothers and I would be facing on the supposedly barren surface of JS-415. I saw a starport (which i would later recognize as Starport Araghost ), followed by the sight of a crisis battlesuit, all of this was comsumed by a dark maw of nothing, and all that remained was a face.
I explained to my battle brothers that i was certain that there was a Tau presence on JS-415 and another dark and beastly danger as well.

As we left the shuttle at Frontier Post Tin Foil it was clear to everyone, that no exterminatus had been made on this planet. We made a quick scan to find our immediate surroundings devoid of life.
Brother Corben left the rest of the party to scout ahead towards Starport Araghost.
At the starport we spotted a minor Tau force of two battlesuits, one model crisis and one model broadside along with some firewarrior infantry.
We moved as close as we could without being seen, but the deserts was scarce with cover to say the least. Brother Corben stayed behind with the inquisitor and began opening fire from a concealed position. The Tau immediately replyed and fired back at Corbens position, which unfortunately was also the inquisitors position. Brother Corben didnt take much damage from the broadside, which was good, since his quick effort was probably the only thing that kept the inquisitor alive, she had suffered massive damage from the Tau fire.
Brother Apothecary N’Ban began moving for the inquisitors poaition. While i began to call forth a force dome to protect us from incoming enemy fire. The rest charged ahead right out in the open terrain, out of the force domes protection, and into a hail of enemy fire. I saw both brother Strages and brother Claverius take several hits. Battle Brother Tancred Strages was shot right out of the sky by a particularly brutal hit, I dispelled my force dome as everyone had left it anyway and drew my bolter and supressed the firewarriors engaging Battle Brother Tancred Strages, I even got a few kills out of it, but it stopped their devastating fire on my brother.
As my brothers closed in on the enemy they quickly made short work of the firewarriors. I took out the broadside battlesuit by boiling the pilots blood.
When the battle had ended we gathered and brother Apothecary N’Ban treated the injuries. We began moving through the space port and encountered a man, Alessander Vodis, He kept muttering the same lines over and over again. I recognized him as a psyker, though not imperially sanctioned. We decided to take him with us for further questioning, so my punch did not kill the man, though that is the mercy that all heretics and witches will earn at my hand. But we had little doubt that the inquisitor would want to learn what she could before doing her emperor bound duty to him.
All of a sudden I felt a darkness creep across the warp, I knew this was what the emperors tarot had let me glimpse at. I knew without a doubt that Tyranids were amassing on the planet, for it takes strong Tyranid node creatures to blot out the warp like that. Soon it would matter little whether or not an exterminatus had been called on this world. It would end its day in the tyranid maw.
Though brother Corben had scanned and found some lifeforms in one of the hangers, we bypassed them and went on to the control tower to salvage what information we could before leaving the planet to its dark fate. We did find some files that we managed to extract, so we called our shuttle and moved towards the tower. Up on the roof we could see an enourmous hive fleet amassing upon the planet. Spores were launched from orbit and crashed to the ground unleashing the foul Tyranids. As we stood on the roof awaiting the shuttle, we could see Shrikes taking to the sky and shortly after we could only watch as our shuttle burst and fell to the ground. We now had no way off this planet…
Down an open hangar door we could see two shuttles, one imperial (which had been rigged with explosives) and one Tau shuttle and some Tau infantry boarding their shuttle. We descended upon them with our jump packs and boarded the shuttle. We took the Tau completely by surprise, and in very little time we cleared out the shuttle of enemies leaving a few prisoners and the pilot alive. Brother Sergeant Gabriel Nefarian put a bolter to the pilots face and convinced him to keep flying the shuttle.
Still up on the Roof was Brother Apothecary N’Ban and Brother Corben with the inquisitor holding Shrikes at bay. Though some of them managed to land on the shuttle and was fought off manually. Brother Corben took a shot at a Shrike that split it in half. As the shuttle got to the roof of the starport Brother Corben and brother apothecary N’Ban entered the shuttle with the inquisitor and we made for orbit, leaving this planet for the tyranids.

10. Quarantine

Hive world

Watch Captain Brand stands before a number of pict screens in one Erioch’s many briefing chambers. Several of the larger glass-paneled displays show orbital captures of an unfamiliar hive city. The place looks to be in complete chaos, hungry flames and clouds of smoke forever frozen in the moment the recorder was active.
“This,” begins Brand, turning to face you in full battle armor, “is the hive city of Taurinum on the world of Argoth.” Brand punches a rune tablet in his gauntleted hand and the pict-captures begin to change. The city is slowly revealed from a number of angles and distances, all of which show a level of destruction wrought by widespread war or revolt.
“The planet Argoth lies in the Canis Salient, an effort lead by Lord Commander Ebongrave.” Brand’s usually stoic features break into a deep scowl. “Argoth and its sister systems Rheelas and Kaggeran have been quarantined by the Commander for quite some time. It would seem that Ebongrave believes the three systems have been thoroughly subverted by the Tau.” Brand’s scowl only deepens.
“A Deathwatch Kill-team lead by Captain Servais was dispatched to Hive Taurinum to determine the validity of Ebongrave’s claims but it has been months since their last report. Servais hails from the Raven Guard and it is not unusual for our Battle-brother to achieve his objectives over long periods of time using careful and stealthy observation. However, something about this entire affair does not rest well with me.”
Brand looks back to the scrolling pict-captures for a brief moment. “I would accompany you personally but other matters demand my immediate attention.” The uncharacteristic scowl that has marred the Watch Captain’s features twice already suddenly returns.
“Your objectives are clear, investigate the purity of the hive on Argoth, make contact with Watch Captain Servais and his Kill-team, and throw off any corruption encountered in the process. I will require a full report upon your return. Lord Commander Ebongrave is one of the Lord Militant’s most trusted commanders and if the Deathwatch is to approach him requesting termination of Ebongrave’s orders, we need as much evidence supporting our cause as possible. The goal is to lift the quarantine, a task not easily accomplished considering Taurinum’s current state.”
The Watch Captain punches another rune and the pict screens suddenly flash a number of bios: Argoth’s governor and the commanding Imperial Guard officer.
“It should be clear to you from the orbital captures displayed here that conditions within the hive are poor. Riots rip through the streets and apocalyptic cults have likely sprung into existence – preaching about an end that surely will come at the purging fires of orbital bombardment or simple starvation. Ebongrave’s hounds, the 14th Mortressan Highlanders’ presence has already been confirmed by one of Servais’s earliest communications.”
Another manipulation of the hand-held tablet in Brand’s possession brings to life a pict of a thick naval blockade. “Your arrival must be in secret, which will require you to run the blockade orbiting Argoth.” The pict displays change again to portray a middle-aged man with caramel colored skin, a jet-black beard and elegantly greased hair. “This is Emile Zin, a Rogue Trader that has experience running the Crusade’s many blockades. I am trusting your delivery to Argoth’s surface to him. The Reckoning will take you well beyond Erioch’s borders where you will transfer to Zin’s vessel, Mahzooz Yawm.”
The Captain deactivates the pict screens. “If you find yourselves returned to Erioch and I am not present, defer to Watch Captain Ramiel’s command. He is a trusted Battle-brother.”

Requisition available: 70 per space marine.

Primary Objectives:
– Break the blockade around the planet Argoth without alerting Imperial authorities of your presence.
– Locate and capture evidence revealing the extent (or lack thereof) of Tau influence in Hive Taurinum.
– Locate Watch Captain Servais and his Kill-team or determine their fates.
Secondary Objective
– Excise as much corruption (in any form) as possible from the hive.
Tertiary Objective
– Eliminate any seditious leaders encountered in Hive Taurinum.

Player Handouts 10

Mission Debrief

First Session:
The Kill-team arrived via Mahzoos Yawm breaking the blockade and informing them that they had 3 days to complete their objective. Emile Zin informed them that searching in the Cathedral of Saint Drusus would probably be the best place to start. They obtained contact with an informer, who turned out to be Aren Dathrin and they agreed to follow him to a ritual called the Reaping. The sect of Dathrin turned out to be a heretical sect by the name of The Reapers and they were cleansed in holy flame by the Kill-team. After this the followers of The Crusade of the Red Redemption purified the site of the Reapers, and their Cardinal, Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente was sighted as the instigator of the Redemptionist attack. The Kill-team followed the Cardinal, but were thwarted in their attemts at contacting him by his personal guard. They obtained a valuable clue to the whereabouts of Watch Captain Servais. He has been confined in the west wing of the Imperial Palace of Argoth.
The team decided that Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente, was to be located and made to tell more of the palace where Watch Captain Servais was being held. After a few attemts it was clear, that a door to door search of the habblock Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente was seen entering, simply wasn’t possible. So the team returned to the plaza nearby, where the followers of The Crusade of the Red Redemption was still singing hymns to the Emperor. The leader of the group agreed to take the team to the last known location of Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente, where he had left a servoskull with the plans of the first level of the palace.

9. On New Ground

Pellor III ACT Base

The transit from Aurum to Erioch passes uneventfully with meditation, and with the eldar prisoner in tow you can deem the mission a succes, even though the foul brigand, Captain Orinel, escaped your clutches. The days in warp travel have been well spent resting and honing your skills, and as you dock at the Watch Fortress, you are taken with awe at the magnificence of the fortress rock drifting silently in orbit of the Erioch system’s star.
Watch Captain Brand has gathered the lot of you in one of Erioch’s many observatorium’s. Erioch’s sixth dead world dominates the arma-glass bubble, blotting out the stars that usually surround it with reflected light from the system’s dying white sun. Brand rests within one of the many chairs grounded to the high-polish marble floor. His posture is relaxed, though the captain cannot help but project the potential death that resides within all Astartes.
“Please Brothers, be seated. It’s rare to witness number six so close.”
When you are seated, the Captain reaches within his robes and produces a stack of paper-thin data slates. He passes the stack around the room, never taking his gaze from the barren gray surface of Erioch VI. Brand is deadly silent as you read the green gothic text that scrolls across the slates’ pict screens.

Report on Pellor III – written by Adept Dolem – Departmento Munitorum
Fifteen years ago an Agri-Conversion Team (or ACT) was dispatched to the world of Pellor III to prepare the planet for its seeding, a process integral to the growth of human foodstuffs on planned agri-worlds. The ACT numbered slightly less than 500 laborers, administrators and planetary defense forces and established an encampment in the geographical center of Pellor III’s lone continent. The low number of personnel was meant to keep the operation quick and concealed from aggressors who would seek to disrupt it.

The team had reported successful conversions of the top and sub soil layers within the first two years of operations. Within the third year the ACT began the more laborious process of converting the continent’s salty regolith at the C Horizon. Before the end of the third year an astonishingly weak astropathic message sent from Pellor III’s surface was received by a passing Rogue Trader named Emile Zin. The Trader alerted authorities within the Departmento Munitorum of the message, though the communication was not evaluated until five years later.
The contents of the message were recieved and marked for review. Repeated attempts to contact the ACT have resulted in just as many failures. Astropathic communication could not be established with Pellor III’s surface and a suggestion was made to dispatch Imperial Guard forces to investigate. Deployment orders were promptly refused by General Lucidivar Vlack of the Canis Salient, citing the lack of evidence regarding a military threat to the operation on Pellor III.

When this adept attempted to recycle the request, the original message received by Emile Zin had been stricken from the records and labeled “Inquisition Prioritis.” No further action will be taken by the Departmento Munitorum and the matter is considered closed.”

Timing his words to the very second the last of you finishes reading the report, Brand states, “I recovered this report upon receiving instruction from Watch Commander Mordigael to dispatch a Kill-team to Pellor III – it’s the only piece of information about the planet and its recent history that I could find. It seems the Inquisition has gone to great lengths to see the details of this situation buried. Despite their secrecy, Inquisitor Carmillus herself has requested Deathwatch assistance from the Watch Commander, and have made it available to our eyes only that an inquisitor is on the planet, although no communication has been obtained with this throne agent.”

“Thus, you are to travel to the third planet in the Pellor system and investigate the ACT compound. Considering the Inquisition’s conservative stance on this mission and Inquisitor Carmillus’s personal request for action, I suspect that you may encounter hostiles on the surface, if not something worse.”

Requisition available: 84 per space marine.

Primary Objective:
– Investigate the Imperial Agri-Conversion Teams base on Pellor III.
Secondary Objective:
– Investigate the fate of the Inquisitor on Pellor III.

Mission Debrief:
The second we disembarked from our landing craft unto Pellor III, we knew that something had gone very wrong indeed. The derelict state of the port itself spoke of utter neglect, and not a single human or servitor was there to greet us. Everything was silent, and everywhere we turned, the dark colors of rot and decay were prominent.

As with most of our missions with the inquisition, information in the briefing had been minimal. So if we were to find the anyone at all, we needed to know a lot more about Pellor III. Luckily we had a most adept techmarine – Malthon – with us. Soon after we landed he had restarted a servitor, who started refueling our landing craft immediately. Malthon was also able to access the Logic engine at the Port to try and gain some much needed intel. However even though Malthon successfully restarted the logic engine, we didn’t gain any new information. Malthon was able to confirm to that the inquisitor’s ship had indeed landed here a few months ago.

The further from the port we got, the more it became clear that some catastrophe had befallen here. What the nature of the catastrophe was, still eluded us. As we began to clear all the buildings one by one – in the hope of finding any survivors, or any up-to-date intel – we came across 2 things of note: The central cogitater, that Malthon milked for all the information it had. The last entry in the logs were months old, and spoke of a ship nammed “Fury’s Descend”. In the ruins of a bar, we found a survivor from the inquisition. Interrogator Kyle Anders. Unfortunately Anders was less than coherent, about what exactly had happened, as he seemed more concerned with getting off planet as drunk as possible. He was, however, able to tell us where the inquisitor had gone on her investigation. He also advised us to head back, and leave the Inquisitior Quist to her fate, as she would surely have been killed. Coward. I do not take advice from cowards, nor do I flee from danger.

Using the direction given, we soon came upon a Rhino. It was parked outside a mineshaft. As was the case on so many of my Deathwatch missions, there seemed to be only one way to hide from the light of the Emperor: In cold and dark places of the worlds. Like filthy rats the enemies of the Emperor all scours to the nearest gloomy cave, where they will be trapped, to be cleansed and purified by the emperors chosen.

Of all the dark places I have cleansed, this was by far the darkest, foulest and most corrupt I have ever seen. The whole place reeked of death, rot, decay and unholy worship of chaos. If there was ever a doubt that we were facing chaos traitors, it was gone when we came upon a great door marked with the symbol of chaos undivided. I ordered the door and its unholy symbol destroyed immediately. What we saw beyond the door was so vile I have been forbidden by the holy inquisition to reveal any further details. Suffice to say, the room was cleared. This room will leave a dark spot on our souls forever. Emperor preserve us. The full details have been confessed to brother Chaplain Strome by each kill-team member. His unwavering faith will bolster ours when the nightmare of that room returns again.

It was now clear that everything we would encounter here was likely to be deeply tainted by Chaos. After we cleared another room by means of holy promethium, something rather strange happened: Someone on my vox claimed to be hidden and trapped in the room just beyond, with two demons. He presented himself as a vindicare assassin and part of the inquisitorial investigation. Quist, he reported, was also present, although in a very bad shape. Again, the agents of the Inquisition dishonored us by advising us to take the path of the coward, and turn our back on from those in need. The Angels of Death do not shy away from danger, we overcome it!

As we rushed the room it quickly became clear that the vindicare’s report was accurate indeed. After disposing the 2 demons, by lightning claws and bolter fire, it became clear to us what kind of condition the poor inquisitor was in. I ordered her evacuated immediately, and Malthon voluntered to bring her topside to the Rhino. Meanwhile the rest of us prepared for the challenge of a lifetime. It was clear, that we had yet to purge to very inner sanctum of this foul temple. As I charged into the room with my squad on my heels, a sight none of us will ever forget greeted us in the form of a true abomination: a Great Unclean One, spawned by a coward Chaos sorcerer, who teleported from the tempel when I got too close to him. His flesh covered tainted powerarmor will not protect him from the fury of the Aduptus Astartes, and so he fled, as cowards must. The inner sanctum also contained what must have been the rest of the population in the form of turncoat PDF troops aligned with the forces of chaos. To the sweet notes of heavy bolter fire tearing apart Traitor forces, I turned my full attention to the greater demon. My two lightning claws was rending and slashing huge chunk of puss and rotted meat in all directions, but this was no ordinary opponent, and soon enough I was lost in a battle frenzy against the demon, and the rest of the combat is remembered as seen in slowmotion through a blood red veil. When the haze finally lifted from my mind, I was completely and utterly drained, and soaked with more blood, puss, and reeking substances than I would ever care to think about again. I must say – with pride – that the entire kill team performed admirably from start to finish. To defeat a Great Unclean One without fear, without pause, without doubt, and without a single casualty by a team the size of ours is a feat only the mightiest heroes are capable of, and it makes me truly proud to serve with my brothers in the Deathwatch. Needless to say, we purified everything with holy flame.

The trip back was uneventful. We drove back using the inquisitorial Rhino and left the planet soon after with the three remaining survivors of the Inquisition.

8. Escape from Aurum

Crashed escape pod

See previous Mission Debrief.

Requisition available: 61 per space marine (same loadout as 7. Dark Tidings on Black Wings)

Primary objective:
– Retrieve the escape pod
Secondary objective:
– Extract any survivors from the crash
Tertiary objective:
– Find and eliminate Captain Quenzel Orinel

Mission Debrief:

I was deep in contemplation about a new way to deal with physical stress (like pain), without doing damage to/or putting your mind in danger, when I was interrupted by a slight noise. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it kept on, intensifying in strength. It was my vox, which was still active, and was on full volume. “This is Battle-Brother Ezekiel, are you there?!” I must have really zoned out… “Yes I am here, I had left my ear-piece out, so didn’t here you at first.” I lied. “It’s time to wake up and get to work Brother.”

I was put into the actual situation pretty fast. Battle-Brothers Azrael, Ezekiel, Malthon, Urien had been on a mission, and for some reason one of the escape pods had malfunctioned and went off course and most likely crashed on a feral world called Aurum. The other pod that did return safely, consisted of Ezekiel who had contacted me, and the work he referred to at first was Azrael who was unconscious and in need of medical attention. After some intensive care, and quite some time, I had him back to what one would call normal, all things considered he had been through a lot, but you can’t put down a brother like Azrael just like that. The Emperor Protects. We got a hold of Hexenhammer, and we had to decide how to proceed, based on the objectives not still completed, and on the chance of finding the pod that crashed with any survivors. We all agreed that if we went back just to find Captain Quenzel Orinel it would be a waste of efforts, but since there was a chance to find the pod and thereby Malthon and Urien, we could at least justify our actions when we called the captain of the ship to commandeer a transport vessel for Aurum. My main concern about the mission wasn’t this Quenzel captain, it was the possibility of finding our brothers still alive, and if not then at least finding them so I could extract their gene-seed and protect what is rightfully ours, if the Emperor wills.

After a short talk with the captain of the ship, Azrael was given a thunderhawk and a pilot to our disposal. We immediately set of towards Aurum with haste, since we hadn’t the tiniest clue on the whereabouts of the crash site, and since Aurum wasn’t the smallest of planets, we had no time to spare. After hours of searching the surface of Aurums dense jungle, from aloft in our thunderhawk, we ran into a rather weird phenomenon. We found an area, covering 3 km in width and 10 km in length, where all communication and electronic guidance was disabled, or what seemed like it, from all the static. We decided to take a closer look on the area, and by all luck found the crash site after a short while in a small clearing. The reason we even noticed it was a giant flame, shooting up towards the sky from under the trees. We took the bird down in the clearing that looked partly natural, like it had been there forever, and partly created by the impact of the doomed pod crashing to the ground. In the side of the clearing, there were two silhouettes standing, and we immediately noticed it was our lost Battle-Brothers. (Mainly because one of the silhouettes, looked like he had an enormous arm growing out where his head was supposed to be.)

We intended to search for Quenzel on foot, since he might still be nearby, and have our thunderhawk standing by in air. But when we talked with our pilot we found out he had detected a problem with the engine, and that he needed 2 hours of time to repair the damage. Since this didn’t really interfere with our plans about searching the jungle, we decided to leave the pilot to fix the engine. After 20 minutes or so, we found a strange compound, made in a material we hadn’t come across before. A black metal, which seemed to cover the whole building and it, looked like it was in one piece when you inspected it. We strafed around the edge of the building and found an entry point. It was a breach in the building, where a set of stairs led downwards into the inner secrets of this mysterious black construct. We entered with our weapons drawn, and as alert as you can expect an anxious Brother to be in a situation, where you don’t know what the outcome might be. Who could have constructed such a building?? Eldars?? Not likely, we concluded. Tyranids, was also out of the discussion. Other humans maybe?? But how could it be, if they used technology not know by us, Emperors chosen.
We entered a large room with 4 pillars in the center, and covering the seize of around 50 m x 50m, with 4 doorways including our entry point. We decided to split up and send 3 Brothers to each side, so we could cover the building fast, and find Quenzel, if he had taking up hiding inside this building. We almost reach each side of the room, at the same time, when a new large glowing pillar started rising from the very center of the room. We immediately started to track backwards, to meet up and be ready for anything at the first doorway. Meanwhile 4 signs, one on each corner wall was glowing up, and there was a terrible sound of metal grinding and moving together, and suddenly 2 of the walls opened up. In the midst of all the chaos, we held our position and were ready for anything, or so we thought. From the left doorway entered what seemed to be a gigantic robotic bug, the seize of a dreadnought. While Malthon, Urien and Ezekiel laid down fire on the bug, Azrael jump-charged into close combat without a care in the world. I have to admit, even though I told him to slow down for a bit more time, to let the body recover completely, I was happy to see him disregard my professional advice in this situation. We needed all men, as able as possible, against this unknown xenos. As I tried to flank for a better shot with my hellfire rounds, I suddenly found myself faced with a new foe, from the top doorway entry. 3 foes to be more accurate, all of them mechanical looking, but just the seize of a man, and bearing range weapons of some sort. Hexenhammer and I exchanged shots with them and got 2 of them without taking any serious damage. One of them looked like he was sort of regenerating, and tried to stand up again, but Hexenhammer made quick process of him. The third one was gunned down shortly afterwards by our turret, Ezekiel. I barely turned my attention back to the other fight, and it was over with Azrael hovering over the dead things body. We decided to search the compound, and destroy the glowing pillar, and the others there should be, according to the light we saw from the other doorways. Before we blew the pillar I investigated the 2 remaining bodies, which was still trying regenerate. I pried my knife through the skull of one of them, and it stopped regenerating immediately. I decided to leave the last in the regenerating state and gave it to Hexenhammer, so he could keep it in prime condition for later. If it came to much back to life he could hopefully put it back in regeneration state with a single bullet and keep it intact for our return to our ship.

We cleared the rest of the rooms without breaking a sweat, and destroyed a total of 4 glowing pillars, and escaped with 2 weapons and 2 bodies of the smaller xenos. We had hoped to return with one of them still in working condition, but when it regenerated enough to activate completely and Hexenhammer tried to sedate it with a bullet, it stopped regenerating and went dead. But still pretty good to have some hard material with us home to pass on to our superiors, for further investigation of this unknown xenos threat. It would worth to know that even though I first classified the large bug and the smaller humanoids as robotic, their advance regeneration leads me to think there has to be some form for organic substance involved in their presence, since I couldn’t possibly believe a metallic material could hold the ability to repair itself the way these xenos did.

As an offhand topic, we didn’t capture this Quenzel who might have been the saboteur of the escape pod that crashed. But seeing that we stumbled across something as extraordinary as an unknown xenos threat, I have to say, he suddenly seems kind of insignificant!!

Battle Brother Rafael

7. Dark Tidings on Black Wings

Strike cruiser in space

Recovering from the Battle of Castobel has taken longer than any of you thought was required. You have spent three weeks aboard Watch Station Silion and the time of your healing has been an ardous trial for all of you. When you hear the summons of Watch Captain Brand, you are therefore thrilled to be allowed active duty again.
“My brothers, you have been assigned a new mission of great importance. It should be considerably easier than your last one.” He reveals a heartening smile and continues.
“You are to engage and board Eldar eclipse-class starship Bane of Revendis and capture its cargo. We believe a valuable diplomat or the like is aboard the ship, and his capture might discourage the Eldar from making a more solid presence in the sector.” Brand starts to pace around the holoprojector in front of him. "The captain of the Bane of Revendis is a known corsair that goes by the name of Captain Quenzel Orinel. This elusive vessel and its captain have long plagued the efforts of the Crusade. It would be a great boon to the Imperium to end its operations as quickly as can be done. The destruction of the starship is by no means considered to be a priority however."
The Watch Captain slides his hand over the holoprojector once and an imperial frigate is displayed. "I have arranged for transport to the system of Aurum, where we believe the Eldar are heading, aboard the frigate Reckoning. When you come into contact with the Eldar you will board the ship with torpedoes and from there your extraction will be procured by the “Reckoning”. Take your leave and go for the armory, and then proceed to the docking bay where your transport is awaiting you. May the Emperor guide you."

Requisition available: 61 per space marine

Primary objective:
– Capture the VIP and extract him to Watch Fortress Erioch
Secondary objective:
– Kill Captain Quenzel Orinel
Tertiary objective:
– Destroy the Bane of Revendis

Mission Debrief:

By Battle-Brother Ezekiel.

As we entered the aurum system and spotted the Bane of Revendis, we could see that the mission was to take a turn. A large spacecraft, old imperial now made orky, was attached to the rear end of the Bane of Revendis, so today we would face not only eldar, but orks as well. The librarian made some inquiries about the astropath, apparently so he would be able to contact him should the need arise. We entered the boarding torpedo and were in the hands of the Emperor, pointed toward an eldar eclipse class starship without any means of support or emergency extraction… This was indeed shaping up to be a good day.

The ride in the torpedo was a bit shaky, though mostly toward the end. The torpedo gates shut up with a loud hiss of air, and we rushed forward into a huge room, quickly realising that we had landed right between the eldar and the greenskin. We took a bit of small arms fire, but i managed to subdue the most severe ork threats while the rest of the squad moved toward the eldar forces. It was about here that i first knew, that nothing about this mission was about to go as we had planned. It started out as a nagging sensation and almost ended up paralysing me, but i managed to overcome, though it would never entirely leave me. But i managed to focus at the task at hand and kept our backs clear from the ork invasion. The sight of seeing greenskin torn apart by bolter fire will never bore me, it is just and glorious in the name of the emperor.
We took some incoming fire, and some of the other got hit a little, though nothing severe yet.
We moved toward the eldar, as we knew we would have little luck finding the VIP amongst the orks, more likely the treacherous eldar would protect him. We cleared the room and, as we were about to move into the second room, something happened, i didnt see what it was, but i suspect it was the librarian having a backfire again, i heard a terrible wail, and next thing i know, Brother Sergeant Azrael voxed me that he couldnt hear a damn thing, and that I was in command. I urged us onwards, and we came to the next huge room, this room was different though, huge cogitators and panels filled the room and around a hundred civilian eldar fled the room, between them some aspect warriors stood out and opened fire on us, they were clearly no match, but librarian got hit a few times before he created some kind of dome of energy that the enemy fire seemed to have a hard time penetrating. Protected, we could easily fight down the enemy. The civilians were still fleeing. further inside the ship we could see an ork killacan, but it wasnt in the way of our objectives, so we chose to bypass it and keep moving ahead. [[:brother-sergeant-azrael | Brother Sergeant Azrael] asked permission to scout ahead, I told him “Go, but be careful and don’t do anything stupid.” I am not entirely sure what he did in there, but i heard several enemy weapons discharge at rapid rates and him screaming. When we got there one of his arms were almost shot of, he could definitely not use it, he had several other holes all around his armor, and all in all he was in no condition to fight on, as he couldn’t wield his thunderhammer. He was stable though, and still mostly conscious. The eldar had retreated, so we followed them into the next room where the last of them died. We had seen a kind of lift system in a room, so we went there and tried to work it out, though no surprise, it was my chapter brother, Battle Brother Malthon that figured it out. He told us which button to press and we all ended up at the top floor of the starship. Immediately we knew that eldar were near, but to our great surprise, in the next room was both the VIP, Telian Elsiron, and the target of our second objective, Captain Quenzel Orinel. But what came as a surprise to us, was that the treacherous eldar surrendered without a fight. The Autarch had two emergency pods waiting to take us away from the ship, willing to come along with the captain without any bloodshed. The VIP, Brother Sergeant Azrael and I sat in one pod, while Brother Librarian Urien and Battle Brother Malthon would secure Captain Quenzel Orinel for later termination, as we could not do that without having all the eldar on the ship turn on us. Not long after Brother Sergeant Azrael‘s stimulants stopped working, and he passed out with the Bane of Revendis disappearing behind us, its fate along with its crew’s to die at the hands of orks.


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