14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment

The 14th Mortressan Highlanders

“There’s no job too dirty, to be done by the Mortressan’s. If only all men were of their caliber, every commander would never wonder his men’s loyalty”
- Lord Commander Ebongrave on the Highlanders.

When Lord Commander Ebongrave needs people he can trust to execute their fellow Imperial citizens or soldiers, he calls upon the 14th Mortressan. Recruited from the Calixian Death World of Mortressa, these veterans believe that life is meaningless and that only the manner of a man’s death matters. They have no compunction or guilt about what they do, a psychological foible that Ebongrave values greatly. Mortressans serve in the field purgation platoons who root out ideological failings among Guard regiments, and in the execution details throughout the Canis Salient. The guardsman standing watch over an interrogation cell in Sepulchre Sigma is likely to hail from Mortressa.

Officers of note from the Highlanders


14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment

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