System reference: Only inhabitable planet in the Argothan system, designated Argoth ,Atlas Stellarum Jericho, M.35 reference.

Classification: Hive World

Population: 35 Billion.

Important personae: Governor Ralien, Colonel Vindis, Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente, Aren Dathrin

Important Groupings: Prefects of Argoth, The Reapers

Tithe Grade: Aptus Non. (Due to the 35 year quarantine there is no collection of tithes from Argoth).

Geography/Demography: Argoth was once a paradise world with pastures of different crops in the large expanses of the planet. In the Age of Strife however, a series of disasters destroyed the crust of the planet resulting in large geographic changes, and destroyed the crop production facilities already installed by the Adeptus Administratum. This also created an atmosphere with high sulphur contents in the lowlands of Argoth. When the Adeptus Terra rediscovered the Jericho Reach during the Golden Age, Argoth was chosen to become a trade hub in the sector and colonized the system with countless souls, establishing the beginnings of a dominant Hive World. When Lord Commander Ebongrave took charge of the war on the Velk’han Sept, he started by purging his staff, and quarantined the systems of Argoth, Kaggeran and Rheelas, on the suspicion that they had been subverted by the foul Tau xenos. This quarantine has been enforced for the past 35 years, with no exceptions, and the hives of Argoth have become ripe with sedition and unholy cults, as the people of Argoth have been forced from the light of the Emperor. Starvation is also a constant menace to the population of Argoth, making infancy mortality the highest registered in the sector, with roughly 85% of newly borns dying in their first year of life.

Governmental Type: Military Dictatorship

Adeptus Presence: Remnants of all Adeptus are present on Argoth, but at this time it is unknown how many are still present. After Ebongrave’s quarantine the Departmento Munitorum evacuated all executive level operatives, leaving the planet to relive the darkness of Old Night.

Military: There is currently 15 companies of the 14th Mortressan Higlanders Regiment overseeing the blockade of Argoth, along with considerable auxiliary support, and this force is commanded by Colonel Vindis. The only Adeptus presence of any notable size is the Adeptus Arbites, that command a total of 38 million operatives, although this number is heavily contested, as it also includes the local PDF forces that have been placed under the Arbites, due to the serious riot issues of the planet.

Major sites of importance: Hive Taurinum



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