System reference: Principle sattelite of Aureum GG, Designated Aurum (also known as Auretia), Atlas Stellarum Jericho, M.35 reference.

Classification: Feral World

Population: Approximately 2.4 Billion

Important personae: High Dragon Revillan

Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius

Geography/Demography: Aurum is a world approximately one and a half times the size of Holy Terra in stable orbit around a type I gas giant with a rotation lasting 38 standard hours. The mountains in the polar regions are made from gold, copper, iron and several superconductive natural alloys. This is largely unknown to the population of Aurum, that live in a feudal society across the tempered zones of the southern hemisphere, The single large landmass on the northern hemisphere is covered by tropical jungle with many large and unusual animals. Aurum is governed by a High King and his council of nobles. This council recieves a tribute from the Administratum mostly in Imperial technology and weapons, which serve to cement their rule over the planet. The technology level of Aurum, in general, is subimperial standard with all tech being imported in the trade of workers for the mines.

Governmental Type: Monarchy

Adeptus Presence: Extensive Departmento Munitorum officio presence, directorate level, minor presence Adeptus Mechanicus/Chthonic, Adeptus Mechanicus/Biologis. Other adept presence not considered noteworthy.

Military: Crusade military forces garrison station: Aurum used as ‘third line’ rotation post for the Orpheus Salient war zone crusade forces. Median garrison levels approximately ten to fifteen thousand troops on rotation (High/High.) Additionally forces of the Adeptus Arbites are charged with maintaining order and ensuring production, and comprise roughly 600 hundred thousand operatives (Average/Average.).

Major sites of importance: Jungles of Aurum,



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