Festival of the Black Ship

Festival of the Black Ship

“Fear the Psyker.
Kill the Heretic.”

-Mantra of the Adeptus Ministorum.

This festival is clearly planted by the Adeptus Terra to displace the horror of the Black ships circling the galaxy. When the Black Ships arrive, it is always a time of dread for the tithes given up, are the sons and daughters that have shown psychic potential.

On the eve of the coming of the Black Ships, thousands of lanterns are lit and they float towards the sky, The symbolism being that the Argothians are willingly giving up the tithe to the continuation of the Imperium.

It is a marvellous sight to see the Sky Lanterns rise up against the bright orange glow of the argothian sunset. The lanterns are traditionally made from oiled paper with a worbac frame that contain a small candle or other combustible material. Worbac is a native fluorescent fungus ofArgoth that can be worked into a line which has immense strength and elasticity. The lit candle put inside will heat the air and causes the lantern to rise into the air. Drifting off into the evening sky, the lanterns create an incredible sea of floating lights. Ideally the lanterns float back to the ground after the fuel for the flame is exhausted.


Festival of the Black Ship

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