Imperial Palace of Argoth

Hallway From the West Wing

The Imperial Palace of Argoth is the home of the planetary governor of Argoth, a title currently held by Governor Ralien. It has stood in the spyre of Hive Taurinum for the past 6 millenia, where it has grown to its present form. A mixture of different styles it is quite easily identified, as the various ages have produced differing visions of the architect remodelling the palace.
Consisting of four different and to a certain degree separate wings, the palace lays as a huge block of granite, limestone, rockcrete and marble mixing ungracefully to the eye of the beholder.

The North Wing of the palace is known for its galleries and has wide, sweeping arches in fine marble. Constructed entirely from marble imported from off-world this is probably the most exquisite piece of architecture on the planet. This is also believed to be where the governor resides during his spare time. It also houses the main dining room of the palace, that can hold over 1200 guests and the adjoining kitchen facilities.

The South Wing is made of rockcrete and reinforced steel, with gargoyles sculpted from bronze watching over the entrances to the wing. There are huge banners flying outside of the wing, and this is regarded as the front entrance to the palace proper. The south wing also holds the audience chamber of the governor alongside the scribes of the Administratum present in the palace as well as the governor’s personal library.

The West Wing is built in granite and houses the bodyguard of the governor, also known as the Prefects of Argoth, an elite grouping of the PDF forces on the planet equipped with the finest the Imperium has to offer. It also houses the armories of the Prefects, and the security command apparatus of the PDF administration. The main tactical command and situation room is located directly beneath the West Wing, and this is where the defence of the planet is coordinated from.

The East Wing is made of a limestone facade on a rockcrete basing. Resembling the classical style of high gothic architecture with the only exception being, that everything is a polished sheen of white, the eyes of the monsters watching from the rooftops and crenellations have their eyes replaced by fiery rubies and other precious gemstones. Housing the main residency of the governor, this part of the palace is a whirling mess of servants, servitors, household guards and all other manors of people making the palace a bustling place worthy of the governor.


Imperial Palace of Argoth

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