System reference: Designated JS-415, rated Inquisition Prioritis.

Classification: +Inquisition Prioritis+ Formerly Frontier World

Population: +Inquisition Prioritis+ None suspected.

Tithe Grade: +Inquisition Prioritis+ None suspected.

Geography/Demography: +Inquisition Prioritis+
Exterminatus was called in 867.M42. This has been confirmed as untrue, as the world still had remains of Imperial colonization. The planet has fallen to Tyranids and the Tau presence encountered there is believed to have been eliminated by the attention of Hive Fleet Dagon.

Adeptus Presence: +Inquisition Prioritis+ None believed to have survived

Military: +Inquisition Prioritis+ None suspected.

Major sites of importance: +Inquisition Prioritis+ Starport Araghost, Frontier Post Tin Foil



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