System reference: Only inhabitable planet in the Slinnar Drift Star Cluster, designated Sedu, Atlas Stellarum Jericho, M.35 reference.

Classification: Frontier World/Desert World

Population: No Imperial presence, Feral Ork population approximately 200 million

Geography/Demography: A Desert world, now the domain of a few debased mutants and scattered clans of warring Orks, Sedu once marked the outer boundary of the old Jericho Sector’s civilised worlds and the start of its spinward frontier. Despite being a largely arid wasteland, it remains a crossroads and way-station for outlaw traffic and xenos slavers. Sedu’s importance reflects its status as the only life sustaining world found on the edge of a long and drawn out star cluster known as the Slinnar Drift. The Drift is a stellar formation whose planetary systems, although hostile, are rich with mineral resources and exotic chemical elements produced by its active proto-stars. The Slinnar Drift is also remarkable for the curious stability of local Warp-space conditions in the region.

Adeptus Presence: None

Military: None

Major sites of importance: Watch Station Megaera



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