Mark of the xenos tau

“This is a message to the peoples of the Imperium, and to the honourable Emperor of that realm. We offer you peace should you join us, and war should you prefer it. We await your response, for we recognise in your race beings of honour and courage.”
–Last known transmission of Por’el Tau’n Ukos, Water Caste Negotiator.

The Tau hail from a small, yet densely packed stellar cluster on the Eastern Fringe. The Tau Empire is declaratively young, but the dynamic nature of the species is driving a rapid expansion into surrounding space. It is this unchecked conquest of systems neighbouring the Tau Empire that has brought the species into conflict with Humanity and other races. While Mankind and the Tau sometimes enter into a truce when facing greater threats, the two frequently come to blows as the Tau seek to absorb more and more worlds and cultures into their empire. Compared to many of the galaxy’s species, the Tau are not overtly aggressive or especially strong in body. However, in its short history, the empire has very quickly developed a range of massively sophisticated technology, much of which completely offsets any inherent weakness the Tau might have.

Tau Technology
The Velk’han Sept
Castes of the Tau



The Battle of Castobel Rextreme