The Battle of Castobel

10. Quarantine

Hive world

Watch Captain Brand stands before a number of pict screens in one Erioch’s many briefing chambers. Several of the larger glass-paneled displays show orbital captures of an unfamiliar hive city. The place looks to be in complete chaos, hungry flames and clouds of smoke forever frozen in the moment the recorder was active.
“This,” begins Brand, turning to face you in full battle armor, “is the hive city of Taurinum on the world of Argoth.” Brand punches a rune tablet in his gauntleted hand and the pict-captures begin to change. The city is slowly revealed from a number of angles and distances, all of which show a level of destruction wrought by widespread war or revolt.
“The planet Argoth lies in the Canis Salient, an effort lead by Lord Commander Ebongrave.” Brand’s usually stoic features break into a deep scowl. “Argoth and its sister systems Rheelas and Kaggeran have been quarantined by the Commander for quite some time. It would seem that Ebongrave believes the three systems have been thoroughly subverted by the Tau.” Brand’s scowl only deepens.
“A Deathwatch Kill-team lead by Captain Servais was dispatched to Hive Taurinum to determine the validity of Ebongrave’s claims but it has been months since their last report. Servais hails from the Raven Guard and it is not unusual for our Battle-brother to achieve his objectives over long periods of time using careful and stealthy observation. However, something about this entire affair does not rest well with me.”
Brand looks back to the scrolling pict-captures for a brief moment. “I would accompany you personally but other matters demand my immediate attention.” The uncharacteristic scowl that has marred the Watch Captain’s features twice already suddenly returns.
“Your objectives are clear, investigate the purity of the hive on Argoth, make contact with Watch Captain Servais and his Kill-team, and throw off any corruption encountered in the process. I will require a full report upon your return. Lord Commander Ebongrave is one of the Lord Militant’s most trusted commanders and if the Deathwatch is to approach him requesting termination of Ebongrave’s orders, we need as much evidence supporting our cause as possible. The goal is to lift the quarantine, a task not easily accomplished considering Taurinum’s current state.”
The Watch Captain punches another rune and the pict screens suddenly flash a number of bios: Argoth’s governor and the commanding Imperial Guard officer.
“It should be clear to you from the orbital captures displayed here that conditions within the hive are poor. Riots rip through the streets and apocalyptic cults have likely sprung into existence – preaching about an end that surely will come at the purging fires of orbital bombardment or simple starvation. Ebongrave’s hounds, the 14th Mortressan Highlanders’ presence has already been confirmed by one of Servais’s earliest communications.”
Another manipulation of the hand-held tablet in Brand’s possession brings to life a pict of a thick naval blockade. “Your arrival must be in secret, which will require you to run the blockade orbiting Argoth.” The pict displays change again to portray a middle-aged man with caramel colored skin, a jet-black beard and elegantly greased hair. “This is Emile Zin, a Rogue Trader that has experience running the Crusade’s many blockades. I am trusting your delivery to Argoth’s surface to him. The Reckoning will take you well beyond Erioch’s borders where you will transfer to Zin’s vessel, Mahzooz Yawm.”
The Captain deactivates the pict screens. “If you find yourselves returned to Erioch and I am not present, defer to Watch Captain Ramiel’s command. He is a trusted Battle-brother.”

Requisition available: 70 per space marine.

Primary Objectives:
– Break the blockade around the planet Argoth without alerting Imperial authorities of your presence.
– Locate and capture evidence revealing the extent (or lack thereof) of Tau influence in Hive Taurinum.
– Locate Watch Captain Servais and his Kill-team or determine their fates.
Secondary Objective
– Excise as much corruption (in any form) as possible from the hive.
Tertiary Objective
– Eliminate any seditious leaders encountered in Hive Taurinum.

Player Handouts 10

Mission Debrief

First Session:
The Kill-team arrived via Mahzoos Yawm breaking the blockade and informing them that they had 3 days to complete their objective. Emile Zin informed them that searching in the Cathedral of Saint Drusus would probably be the best place to start. They obtained contact with an informer, who turned out to be Aren Dathrin and they agreed to follow him to a ritual called the Reaping. The sect of Dathrin turned out to be a heretical sect by the name of The Reapers and they were cleansed in holy flame by the Kill-team. After this the followers of The Crusade of the Red Redemption purified the site of the Reapers, and their Cardinal, Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente was sighted as the instigator of the Redemptionist attack. The Kill-team followed the Cardinal, but were thwarted in their attemts at contacting him by his personal guard. They obtained a valuable clue to the whereabouts of Watch Captain Servais. He has been confined in the west wing of the Imperial Palace of Argoth.
The team decided that Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente, was to be located and made to tell more of the palace where Watch Captain Servais was being held. After a few attemts it was clear, that a door to door search of the habblock Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente was seen entering, simply wasn’t possible. So the team returned to the plaza nearby, where the followers of The Crusade of the Red Redemption was still singing hymns to the Emperor. The leader of the group agreed to take the team to the last known location of Ecclessiarch Andrus Trente, where he had left a servoskull with the plans of the first level of the palace.



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