Jungles of Aurum

Jungles of aurum

The primeval jungles of the single continent on the northern hemisphere of Aurum, are an inhospitable place. Filled with a sample of every child’s worst nightmare, this is the hunting grounds of the infamous Diablodon, a ravenous predator native to the planet. This creature has become the top predator in a pack of voracious beasts. It has also become a symbol used by the native Imperial Guard regiments as they believe tattooing the monster onto their body lends them its strength. This custom has also spread to other Guard regiments serving in the Sector, to the dismay of Lord Solar Tetrarchus and his staff.

The jungles of Aurum are apparently also the resting place of an unknown xenos race. During their insertion, the Kill-Team discovered what appeared to be a tomb, made of an unknown metallic substance. After extracting several samples, this discovery will likely have a profound impact, if more of these are found on other systems in the Jericho Reach.


Jungles of Aurum

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